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Animal Aquaculture, Animal Boarding Services, Animal Breeding Services, Animal Hospital Services, Animal Hospital Services Livestock, Animal Specialties Nec, Animal Specialty Farm General, Animal Specialty Services, Animal Training Services, Apiary (Bee And Honey Farm), Bedding Plants, Beef Cattle Feedlots, Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming, Bird Sanctuaries, Blueberry Farm, Boarding Services Horses: Racing And Non-Racing, Boarding Services Kennels, Breeding Services Horses: Racing And Non-Racing, Breeding Services Livestock, Breeding Services Pet And Animal Specialties (Not Horses), Bulbs And Seeds, Cash Grains Nec, Cattle Services, Chicken Eggs, Chicken Hatchery, Chicken Production, Corn Farming, Cotton Farming, Crop Dusting Services, Crop Harvesting, Crop Planting And Protection, Crop Protecting Services, Crop Spraying Services, Dairy Farms, Dairy Herd Improvement Association Services, Dog Breeder, Dog Farm, Dog Pounds, Domestic Animal Farms, Farm Management Services, Feeder Grains, Feedlot Cleaning Services, Fertilizer Application Services, Field Crops Except Cash Grain, Filbert Grove, Florists' Greens And Flowers, Florists' Greens Cultivation, Flowers Greenhouse Production, Food Crops, General Farms, General Farms Primarily Animals, General Livestock, Goat Farm, Grapes, Grass Seed Farm, Grooming Services Pet And Animal Specialties, Hay Baling Services, Hay Farm, Herb Or Spice Farm, Hoeing Services, Hogs, Horse Farm, Horses And Other Equines, Horticulture Services, Irrigation System Operation Not Providing Water, Kennels Breeding And Raising Own Stock, Landscape Counseling And Planning, Livestock Farm General, Livestock Reproduction Services, Livestock Services Except Veterinary, Market Garden, Milk Production, Milo Farm, Mushrooms, Nursery Stock, Ornamental Nursery Products, Peach Orchard, Peanut Farm, Pecan Grove, Pedigree Record Services Pet And Animal Specialties, Pigeon Farm, Potted Plants, Poultry And Eggs Nec, Poultry Coop Cleaning Services, Poultry Hatcheries, Poultry Services, Quail Farm, Rice Farming, Sheep, Shelters Animal, Showing Services Pet And Animal Specialties, Shrubberies, Slaughtering: Custom Livestock Services, Sod Farms, Soil Chemical Treatment Services, Soil Preparation Services, Soybean Farming, Sugarcane Farm, Training Services Horses (Except Racing Horses), Training Services Pet And Animal Specialties (Not Horses), Turkeys And Turkey Eggs, Vegetables And Melons, Veterinarian Animal Specialties, Veterinarian Livestock, Veterinary Services, Veterinary Services For Livestock, Vineyard Management And Maintenance Services, Weed Control Services After Planting, Wheat Farming

Agricultural Services

Cemetery Upkeep Services, Fertilizing Services Lawn, Garden Maintenance Services, Garden Planting Services, Garden Services, Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Planning Services, Landscape Services, Lawn And Garden Services, Lawn Care Services, Lawn Services, Mowing Services Lawn, Ornamental Shrub And Tree Services, Planting Pruning And Trimming Services, Planting Services Ornamental Tree, Pole Barns, Pruning Services Ornamental Tree, Seeding Services Lawn, Sodding Contractor, Spraying Services Lawn, Tree Removal Service, Turf Installation Services Except Artificial


Acetylene, Adhesives And Sealants, Agricultural Chemicals Nec, Antiscaling Compounds Boiler, Bath Salts, Battery Acid, Catalysts Chemical, Chemical Preparations Nec, Cleaning Or Polishing Preparations Nec, Coating Air Curing, Compost, Deodorants Personal, Diesel Fuels, Distilled Water, Drilling Mud, Druggists' Preparations (Pharmaceuticals), Enzymes, Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Resins, Fertilizers Mixing Only, Fireworks, Flares Fireworks And Similar Preparations, Fluorine Elemental, Fuels And Radioactive Compounds, Gases And Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Hair Coloring Preparations, Industrial Inorganic Chemicals Nec, Industrial Organic Chemicals Nec, Inorganic Pigments, Laundry Cleaning Preparations, Magnesium Compounds Or Salts Inorganic, Medicines Capsuled Or Ampuled, Metal Treating Compounds, Molding Compounds Plastics, Nitrogen, Oil Treating Compounds, Oils Fuel, Paints And Allied Products, Paints: Oil Or Alkyd Vehicle Or Water Thinned, Perfumes And Colognes, Petroleum Refining, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Phosphatic Fertilizers, Plastics Base Paints And Varnishes, Plastics Materials And Resins, Polishes And Sanitation Goods, Printing Ink, Sanitation Preparations, Screen Process Ink, Sealants, Soap And Other Detergents, Soap: Granulated Liquid Cake Flaked Or Chip, Sodium Sulfate Glauber's Salt Salt Cake, Solutions Pharmaceutical, Specialty Cleaning, Synthetic Rubber, Toilet Preparations, Varnishes Nec, Vitamins Natural Or Synthetic: Bulk Uncompounded, Water Treating Compounds



Cable And Other Pay Television Services, Cable Television Services, Cellular Telephone Services, Communication Services Nec, Communication Signal Enhancement Network Services, Data Communication Services, Data Telephone Communications, Direct Broadcast Satellite Services (Dbs), Educational, Facsimile Transmission Services, Internet Connectivity Services, Internet Host Services, Local And Long Distance Telephone Communications, Local Telephone Communications, Long Distance Telephone Communications, News, Nonvocal Message Communications, Online Service Providers, Paging Services, Proprietary Online Service Networks, Radio Broadcasting Stations, Radio Pager (Beeper) Communication Services, Radiotelephone Communication, Religious, Rock, Satellite Earth Stations, Satellite Master Antenna Systems Services (Smatv), Telegraph And Other Communications, Telephone Communication Except Radio, Teletypewriter Services, Television Antenna Construction And Rental, Television Broadcasting Stations, Voice Telephone Communications, Wire Telephone


Acoustical And Ceiling Work, Acoustical And Insulation Work, Acoustical Plaster Gypsum, Agricultural Building Contractors, Air Balance, Aircraft Painting, Airwave Shielding Installation For Computer Rooms Etc., Antenna Installation, Apartment Building Construction, Appliance Installation, Architectural Sculptures: Gypsum Clay Papier Mache Etc., Architectural Sheet Metal Work, Art And Ornamental Ware Pottery, Asbestos Removal And Encapsulation, Asphalt Tile Installation, Athletic And Recreation Facilities Construction, Banking Machine Installation And Service, Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtubs Concrete, Blacktop (Asphalt) Work, Blasting Contractor Except Building Demolition, Blocks Concrete Or Cinder: Standard, Boiler And Furnace Contractors, Bottles For Packing Bottling And Canning: Glass, Brick And Structural Clay Tile, Brick Concrete, Bricklaying, Bridge Construction, Building Mover Including Houses, Building Site Preparation, Burial Vaults Concrete Or Precast Terrazzo, Cabinet And Finish Carpentry, Cabinet Building And Installation, Cable Laying Construction, Cable Splicing Service, Cable Television Installation, Caisson Drilling, Carpentry Work, Carpet Laying, Caulking (Construction), Ceilings Metal: Erection And Repair, Cement Hydraulic, Ceramic Floor Tile Installation, Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile, Chemical Plant And Refinery Construction, Chimney Construction And Maintenance, Chute Installation (Linen Mail Trash Etc.), Cleaning Building Exteriors Nec, Cleaning New Buildings After Construction, Closet Organizers Installation And Design, Coating Caulking And Weather Water And Fireproofing, Coating Of Metal Structures At Construction Site, Commercial And Office Building Contractors, Commercial And Office Building New Construction, Commercial And Office Buildings Renovation And Repair, Commercial Painting, Commercial Wallcovering Contractor, Communication Line And Transmission Tower Construction, Communications Specialization, Computer Installation, Computerized Controls Installation, Concrete Block And Brick, Concrete Block Masonry Laying, Concrete Construction: Roads Highways Sidewalks Etc., Concrete Products Nec, Concrete Products Precast Nec, Concrete Pumping, Concrete Reinforcement Placing Of, Concrete Repair, Concrete Work, Condominium Developers, Construction Site Cleanup, Core Drilling And Cutting, Corrosion Control Installation, Counter Top Installation, Curb And Sidewalk Contractors, Curbing Granite Or Stone, Custom Builders Non-Residential, Cut Stone And Stone Products, Dams Waterways Docks And Other Marine Construction, Demolition Buildings And Other Structures, Design And Erection Combined: Non-Residential, Diamond Drilling And Sawing, Dock Construction, Dock Equipment Installation Industrial, Drainage System Construction, Drapery Track Installation, Dredging Contractor, Driveway Parking Lot And Blacktop Contractors, Drywall, Earthmoving Contractor, Electric Power Line Construction, Electric Power Systems Contractors, Electrical Work, Electronic Controls Installation, Elevator Installation And Conversion, Energy Management Controls, Environmental System Control Installation, Erection And Dismantling Of Forms For Poured Concrete, Excavation And Grading Building Construction, Excavation Work, Exterior Cleaning Including Sandblasting, Exterior Commercial Painting Contractor, Exterior Concrete Stucco Contractor, Exterior Insulation And Finish (Eifs) Applicator, Exterior Residential Painting Contractor, Factory Construction, Farm Building Construction, Fence Construction, Fiber Optic Cable Installation, Fiber Optics Strands, Figures: Pottery China Earthenware And Stoneware, Finish And Trim Carpentry, Fire Detection And Burglar Alarm Systems Specialization, Fire Sprinkler System Installation, Fireplace And Chimney Material: Concrete, Fireproofing Buildings, Floor Laying And Floor Work Nec, Flooring Contractor, Food Containers Glass, Food Products Manufacturing Or Packing Plant Construction, Foundation And Footing Contractor, Foundation Building, Framing Contractor, Garage Door Installation Or Erection, General Contractor Highway And Street Construction, General Electrical Contractor, General Remodeling Single-Family Houses, Glass And Glazing Work, Glass Containers, Glass Tinting Architectural Or Automotive, Golf Course Construction, Grading, Granite Cut And Shaped, Gravel Or Dirt Road Construction, Gravel Painting, Greenhouse Construction, Guardrail Construction Highways, Gunite Contractor, Gutter And Downspout Contractor, Gypsum Products, Heating And Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating Systems Repair And Maintenance, Heavy Construction Nec, Highway And Street Construction, Highway And Street Maintenance, Highway And Street Paving Contractor, Highway And Street Sign Installation, Highway Construction Elevated, Home/Office Interiors Finishing Furnishing And Remodeling, Hotel/Motel New Construction, Industrial Buildings And Warehouses, Industrial Buildings New Construction Nec, Industrial Painting, Industrial Plant Construction, Installing Building Equipment, Institutional Building Construction, Insulation Buildings, Interior Residential Painting Contractor, Iron Work Structural, Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation, Irrigation System Construction, Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling, Land Clearing Contractor, Land Leveling, Land Preparation Construction, Lighting Contractor, Lightweight Steel Framing (Metal Stud) Installation, Limestone Cut And Shaped, Machine Moving And Rigging, Machinery Installation, Marble Building: Cut And Shaped, Marble Installation Interior, Marine Construction, Masonry And Other Stonework, Mechanical Contractor, Meter Boxes Concrete, Mobile Home Repair On Site, Mobile Home Site Set Up And Tie Down, Multi-Family Dwelling Construction Nec, Multi-Family Dwellings New Construction, Natural Cement, New Construction Single-Family Houses, Nonclay Refractories, Nonresidential Construction Nec, Office Furniture Installation, Oil And Gas Line And Compressor Station Construction, Oil And Gas Pipeline Construction, Oil Refinery Construction, Operative Builders, Ornamental Metal Work, Paint And Wallpaper Stripping, Painting And Paper Hanging, Parking Facility Equipment And Maintenance, Parking Lot Maintenance, Patio And Deck Construction And Repair, Patio Construction Concrete, Pavement Marking Contractor, Petroleum Storage Tank Installation Underground, Petroleum Storage Tanks Pumping And Draining, Pier Construction, Pipeline Construction Nsk, Plaster And Drywall Work, Plastering Drywall And Insulation, Plastering Plain Or Ornamental, Playground Construction And Equipment Installation, Plumbing Contractors, Plumbing Heating Air-Conditioning, Poles And Posts Concrete, Pond Construction, Post Disaster Renovations, Post Office Construction, Pottery Products Nec, Power Generating Equipment Installation, Power Plant Construction, Precast Terrazo Or Concrete Products, Prefabricated Building Erection Industrial, Prefabricated Fireplace Installation, Pressed And Blown Glass Nec, Prestressed Concrete Products, Products Of Purchased Glass, Pumping Station Construction, Railroad And Railway Roadbed Construction, Railroad And Subway Construction, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Refractory Or Acid Brick Masonry, Refrigeration Contractor, Religious Building Construction, Remodeling Multi-Family Dwellings, Renovation Remodeling And Repairs: Industrial Buildings, Repairing Fire Damage Single-Family Houses, Residential Construction Nec, Residential Painting, Resilient Floor Laying, Resurfacing Contractor, Roof Repair, Roofing And Gutter Work, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Siding And Sheetmetal Work, Safety And Security Specialization, Sandblasting Of Building Exteriors, Scaffolding, School Building Construction, Screening Contractor: Window Door Etc., Self Storage, Septic System Construction, Septic Tanks Concrete, Service Station Construction, Service Station Equipment Installation Maint. And Repair, Servicing Water Wells, Sewer Line Construction, Sheet Metal Work Nec, Shopping Center Construction, Siding Contractor, Sign Installation And Maintenance, Single-Family Home Remodeling Additions And Repairs, Single-Family Housing Construction, Skylight Installation, Solar Energy Contractor, Sound Equipment Specialization, Spa Or Hot Tub Installation Or Construction, Special Trade Contractors Nec, Specialized Public Building Contractors, Speculative Builder Multi-Family Dwellings, Speculative Builder Single-Family Houses, Sprinkler Contractors, Stained Glass: Made From Purchased Glass, Standby Or Emergency Power Specialization, Steam Cleaning Of Building Exteriors, Steel Building Construction, Steps Prefabricated Concrete, Stone Masonry, Stone Quarrying And Processing Of Own Stone Products, Storage Tanks Metal: Erection, Store Fixture Installation, Structural Brick And Blocks, Structural Glass, Structural Steel Erection, Stucco Work Interior, Surfacing And Paving, Swimming Pool Construction, Tableware Glass Or Glass Ceramic, Telephone And Communication Line Construction, Telephone And Telephone Equipment Installation, Tempered Glass, Tempered Glass: Made From Purchased Glass, Tennis Court Construction, Terrazzo Tile Marble Mosaic Work, Terrazzo Work, Tile Installation Ceramic, Townhouse Construction, Townhouse Developers, Transmitting Tower (Telecommunication) Construction, Trenching Contractor, Tuckpointing Or Restoration, Underground Utilities Contractor, Ventilation And Duct Work Contractor, Wall And Ceiling Squares Concrete, Wallcovering Contractors, Warehouse Construction, Warm Air Heating And Air Conditioning Contractor, Waste Water And Sewage Treatment Plant Construction, Water And Sewer Line Construction, Water Main Construction, Water Sewer And Utility Lines, Water Well Drilling, Waterproofing, Weather Stripping, Welding On Site, Window And Door (Prefabricated) Installation, Window And Door Installation And Erection, Window Glass Clear And Colored, Window Treatment Installation, Windows and Siding, Wood Floor Installation And Refinishing, Wrecking And Demolition Work


American, Asian, Bakeries, Barbecue, Breakfast and Beyond, Burgers/Hot Dogs, Cajun/Creole, Carribean, Chinese, Coffee, Coffee Shop, Continental, Deli, Delicatessen, Diner, Doughnuts, Fast Food, Filipino, Fondue, French, German, Grill, Hamburgers, Health and Organic Food, Home Cooking, Homestyle, Indian, Internet Cafe, Irish, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pizza, Pub, Sandwich, Seafood, Steakhouse, Steaks, Tex Mex, Thai, Thai/Vietnamese, Vegetarian

Durable Goods

Agricultural Machinery And Equipment, Agricultural Machinery Nec, Air Conditioning And Ventilation Equipment And Supplies, Air Conditioning Equipment Except Room Units Nec, Air Filters, Air Pollution Control Equipment And Supplies, Alarm Systems Nec, Alternators, Amateur Radio Communications Equipment, Antennas Receiving Satellite Dishes, Appliance Parts Household, Architectural Metalwork, Asphalt Mixture, Automobile Auction, Automobile Glass, Automobile Service Station Equipment, Automobile Tires And Tubes, Automobiles, Automobiles And Other Motor Vehicles, Automotive Brakes, Automotive Engines And Engine Parts, Automotive Parts And Supplies Used, Automotive Servicing Equipment, Automotive Supplies, Automotive Supplies And Parts, Automotive Supplies Used: Wholesale And Retail, Awnings, Bakery Equipment And Supplies, Batteries, Beds, Beds Hospital, Bedspreads, Blueprinting Equipment, Body Repair Or Paint Shop Supplies Automotive, Bolts, Bolts Nuts And Screws, Brick Stone And Related Material, Builders' Hardware Nec, Building Blocks Nec, Building Materials Interior, Building Stone, Burglar Alarm Systems, Busses, Cable Wire, Calculating Machines, Carpets, Cash Registers, Cast Iron Pipe, Casters And Glides, Castings Rough: Iron Or Steel, Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Nec, Chains, Cleaning Equipment High Pressure Sand Or Steam, Closed Circuit Tv, Coal, Coal And Other Minerals And Ores, Commercial Cooking And Food Service Equipment, Commercial Equipment Nec, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Communication Equipment, Compressors Except Air Conditioning, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Computer Software, Computers And Accessories Personal And Home Entertainment, Computers Nec, Computers Peripherals And Software, Concrete Mixtures, Concrete Processing Equipment, Connectors Electronic, Construction And Mining Machinery, Construction Materials Nec, Contractor's Materials, Controlling Instruments And Accessories, Cooking Equipment Commercial, Copying Equipment, Cranes Industrial, Crushing Pulverizing And Screening Machinery, Dairy Machinery And Equipment, Decorating Supplies, Decorative Home Furnishings And Supplies, Dental Equipment And Supplies, Dental Laboratory Equipment, Display Equipment Except Refrigerated, Doors And Windows, Doors Garage, Doors Nec, Draperies, Drilling Bits, Drilling Equipment Excluding Bits, Drywall Materials, Duplicating Machines, Electric Alarms And Signaling Equipment, Electric Household Appliances Nec, Electrical Apparatus And Equipment, Electrical Appliances Major, Electrical Appliances Television And Radio, Electrical Construction Materials, Electrical Entertainment Equipment, Electrical Fittings And Construction Materials, Electrical Heating Equipment, Electrical Supplies Nec, Electro-Medical Equipment, Electronic Parts, Electronic Parts And Equipment Nec, Electronic Tubes: Receiving And Transmitting Or Industrial, Electronic Wire And Cable, Elevators, Engineers' Equipment And Supplies Nec, Engines And Parts Diesel, Engines And Transportation Equipment, Engines Gasoline, Facsimile Equipment, Fans Household: Electric, Fans Industrial, Farm And Garden Machinery, Farm Equipment Parts And Supplies, Farm Implements, Fire Trucks, Fireplace Equipment And Accessories, Floor Coverings, Food Industry Machinery, Food Warming Equipment, Foundry Products, Frames And Framing Picture And Mirror, Furniture, Garage Service Equipment Used, Garden Machinery And Equipment Nec, General Construction Machinery And Equipment, Generators, Glass Construction Materials, Gravel, Hand Tools, Hardboard, Hardware, Heat Exchange Equipment Industrial, Heat Exchangers, Heating Equipment (Hydronic), High Fidelity Equipment, Hoists, Homefurnishings, Hospital Equipment And Furniture, Household Furniture, Hydraulic Systems Equipment And Supplies, Ice Making Machines, Indicating Instruments And Accessories, Industrial Machine Parts, Industrial Machinery And Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Instruments And Control Equipment, Instruments Surgical And Medical, Insulation Materials, Insulation Thermal, Insulators Electrical, Intercommunication Equipment Electronic, Iron And Steel (Ferrous) Products, Iron Or Steel Semifinished Products, Irrigation Equipment, Jigs, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Tools And Utensils Nec, Kitchenware, Laboratory Equipment Except Medical Or Dental, Landscaping Equipment, Law Enforcement Equipment And Supplies, Lawn And Garden Machinery And Equipment, Lawn Machinery And Equipment, Lighting Fittings And Accessories, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Fixtures Commercial And Industrial, Livestock Equipment, Lumber Plywood And Millwork, Lumber: Rough Dressed And Finished, Machine Tools And Accessories, Machine Tools And Metalworking Machinery, Mailing Machines, Marble Building Stone, Masonry Equipment And Supplies, Masons' Materials, Materials Handling Machinery, Measuring And Testing Equipment Electrical, Medical And Hospital Equipment, Medical Equipment And Supplies, Metal Buildings, Metal Doors Sash And Trim, Metal Locating Equipment And Accessories, Metals Service Centers And Offices, Metalworking Machinery, Metalworking Tools Nec (Such As Drills Taps Dies Files), Meters Consumption Registering, Microfilm Equipment, Mining Machinery And Equipment Except Petroleum, Miscellaneous Fasteners, Miscellaneous Nonferrous Products, Mobile Homes, Modems Computer, Molding All Materials, Motor Controls Starters And Relays: Electric, Motor Vehicle Parts Used, Motor Vehicle Supplies And New Parts, Motorcycles, Motors Electric, Neon Signs, Nonmetallic Minerals And Concentrate, Nuts (Hardware), Office And Public Building Furniture, Office Equipment, Office Furniture Nec, Oil Field Equipment, Oil Refining Machinery Equipment And Supplies, Oil Well Machinery Equipment And Supplies, Ophthalmic Goods, Optical Goods, Orthopedic Equipment And Supplies, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Packaging Machinery And Equipment, Paging And Signaling Equipment, Paint Spray Equipment Industrial, Pallets Wood, Petroleum Industry Machinery, Photocopy Machines, Photographic Equipment And Supplies, Photographic Processing Equipment, Pipe And Tubing Steel, Pipes And Fittings Plastic, Plates Metal, Plumbing And Hydronic Heating Supplies, Plumbing Fittings And Supplies, Pneumatic Tools And Equipment, Pollution Control Equipment Air (Environmental), Power Transmission Equipment Electric, Prefabricated Buildings, Prefabricated Structures, Printing Trades Machinery Equipment And Supplies, Processing And Packaging Equipment, Professional Equipment Nec, Pumps And Pumping Equipment Nec, Pumps Oil And Gas, Radiators, Radio And Television Equipment And Parts, Radios Nec, Recycling Machinery And Equipment, Refrigerated Display Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment And Supplies, Refrigeration Units Motor Vehicles, Reinforcement Mesh Wire, Religious Supplies, Restaurant Equipment And Supplies Nec, Road Construction And Maintenance Machinery, Road Construction Equipment, Rods Metal, Roofing And Siding Materials, Roofing Siding And Insulation, Rugs, Safety Equipment, Sand Construction, Sanitary Ware China Or Enameled Iron, Sawmill Machinery And Equipment, Scaffolding, Scales Except Laboratory, School Supplies, Scientific And Engineering Equipment And Supplies, Scientific Instruments, Security Control Equipment And Systems, Semiconductor Devices, Septic Tanks, Siding Except Wood, Siding Wood, Steel, Stone Crushed Or Broken, Storage Batteries Industrial, Store Equipment, Store Fixtures And Display Equipment, Structural Assemblies Prefabricated: Wood, Structural Shapes Iron Or Steel, Surveyor's Instruments, Switches Except Electronic Nec, Tapes Audio And Video Recording, Telephone And Telegraph Wire And Cable, Telephone And Telegraphic Equipment, Telephone Equipment, Television Sets, Testing Equipment Electrical Used: Automotive, Testing Equipment Electrical: Automotive, Textile And Leather Machinery, Therapy Equipment, Tile And Clay Products, Tile Clay Or Other Ceramic Excluding Refractory, Tires And Tubes, Tires Used, Tires Used: Retail Only, Tool And Die Makers Equipment, Tools And Equipment Used: Automotive, Tractors Agricultural, Tractors Industrial, Trailer Parts And Accessories, Trailer Parts And Accessories Used, Trailers For Trucks New And Used, Trailers Industrial, Transformers Electric, Truck Parts And Accessories, Truck Tires And Tubes, Truck Tractors, Trucks Commercial, Trucks Noncommercial, Tubing Metal, Tupperware, Vacuum Cleaners Household, Vaults And Safes, Vending Machines Coin-Operated, Ventilating Equipment And Supplies, Vertical Blinds, Veterinarians' Equipment And Supplies, Wallboard, Warm Air Heating And Air Conditioning, Warm Air Heating Equipment And Supplies, Water Heaters Electric, Water Heaters Except Electric, Water Pumps (Industrial), Water Purification Equipment, Water Softeners, Welding Machinery And Equipment, Wellpoints (Drilling Equipment), Wheels Motor Vehicle, Winches, Window Covering Parts And Accessories, Window Furnishings, Wire And Cable, Wire Fence Gates And Accessories, Wire Screening, Wood Flooring


Academy, Airline Training, Art School Except Commercial, Arts And Crafts Schools, Automobile Driving Instruction, Aviation School, Bartending School, Bible School, Business And Secretarial Schools, Business College Or School, Business Training Services, Catholic Combined Elementary And Secondary School, Catholic Elementary School, Catholic Senior High School, Ceramic School, College And Military Post Libraries, College Except Junior, College Or University Library, Colleges And Universities, Community College, Data Processing Schools, Documentation Center, Educational Service Nondegree Granting: Continuing Educ., Educational Services, Elementary And Secondary Schools, Elementary School Nec, Flying Instruction, General Public Libraries, High School Junior Or Senior Nec, Junior College, Junior College Library, Junior Colleges, Kindergarten, Language School, Libraries, Medical And Dental Assistant School, Medical Library, Medical Training Services, Meditation Therapy, Music And Drama Schools, Music School, Musical Instrument Lessons, Operator Training Computer, Personal Development School, Preparatory School, Private Combined Elementary And Secondary School, Private Elementary And Secondary Schools, Private Elementary School, Public Combined Elementary And Secondary School, Public Elementary And Secondary Schools, Public Elementary School, Public Junior High School, Public Library, Public Senior High School, Public Vocational/Technical School, Reading And Speaking Schools, Reading School Including Speed Reading, Real Estate And Insurance School, Religious School, School Board, School For Physically Handicapped Nec, School For Retarded Nec, Schools And Educational Services, Seminary, Software Training Computer, Specialized Libraries, Specialty Education, Student Exchange Program, Technical Institute, Theological Seminary, Trade School, Tutoring School, University, Vehicle Driving School, Vocational Apprentice Training, Vocational Counseling, Vocational Schools Nec, Voice Lessons


Actuators Industrial, Airborne Radio Communications Equipment, Alkaline Cell Storage Batteries, Antennas Satellite: Household Use, Automotive Electrical Equipment Nec, Barbecues Grills And Braziers (Outdoor Cooking), Cameras Television, Cellular Radio Telephone, Circuit Boards Television And Radio Printed, Collector Rings For Electric Motors Or Generators, Commercial Lighting Fixtures, Communications Equipment Nec, Computer Software Tape And Disks: Blank Rigid And Floppy, Control Equipment Electric, Control Equipment For Buses Or Trucks Electric, Control Panels Electric, Electric Controls And Control Accessories Industrial, Electrical Equipment And Supplies Nec, Electrical Industrial Apparatus, Electron Beam Metal Cutting Forming Or Welding Machines, Electronic Circuits, Electronic Components Nec, Electronic Generation Equipment, Electronic Kits For Home Assembly: Radio Tv Phonograph, Electronic Tube Parts Except Glass Blanks, Fiber Optics Communications Equipment, Fire Control Or Bombing Equipment Electronic, Flight Simulators (Training Aids) Electronic, Fm And Am Radio Tuners, Fuses Electric, Gas Ranges Domestic, Generators For Storage Battery Chargers, Harness Assemblies For Electronic Use: Wire Or Cable, Headsets Telephone, Heat Emission Operating Apparatus, Household Audio And Video Equipment, Household Audio Equipment, Industrial Electrical Relays And Switches, Intercommunication Systems Electric, Lamp And Light Shades, Laser Systems And Equipment, Light Emitting Diodes, Lighting Equipment Nec, Master Records Or Tapes Preparation Of, Metal Detectors, Motors And Generators, Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices, Pagers (One-Way), Panelboards And Distribution Boards Electric, Power Circuit Breakers, Power Distribution And Specialty Transformers, Power Generators, Power Line Cable, Printed Circuit Boards, Public Address Systems, Radiators Electric, Radio And T.V. Communications Equipment, Radio And Television Switching Equipment, Railroad Signaling Devices Electric, Receiver-Transmitter Units (Transceiver), Rectifiers (Electrical Apparatus), Relays And Industrial Controls, Residential Lighting Fixtures, Satellites Communications, Security Control Equipment And Systems, Security Devices, Semiconductors And Related Devices, Starters For Motors, Switchgear And Switchboard Apparatus, Switchgear And Switchgear Accessories Nec, Switching Equipment Telephone, Teaching Machines And Aids Electronic, Telephone And Telegraph Apparatus, Telephone Sets All Types Except Cellular Radio, Telephones And Telephone Apparatus, Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment, Television Closed Circuit Equipment, Television Receiving Sets, Timing Devices Electronic, Transducers Electrical, Transmitter-Receivers Radio, Transportation Signaling Devices, Trash Compactors Household, Truck Controls Industrial Battery


Aviation And/Or Aeronautical Engineering, Building Construction Consultant, Civil Engineering, Construction And Civil Engineering, Consulting Engineer, Designing: Ship Boat Machine And Product, Electrical Or Electronic Engineering, Energy Conservation Engineering, Engineering Services, Fire Protection Engineering, Heating And Ventilation Engineering, Industrial Engineers, Machine Tool Design, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineer, Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Mining And Chemical Engineers, Pollution Control Engineering, Professional Engineer, Structural Engineering


Aerobic Dance And Exercise Classes, Agricultural Fair, Amusement And Recreation Nec, Amusement Arcade, Amusement Machine Rental Coin-Operated, Amusement Parks, Amusement Ride, Aquarium, Art Gallery, Art Gallery Commercial, Astrologer, Athletic Club And Gymnasiums Membership, Audio-Visual Program Production, Auto Race Track Operation, Aviation Club Membership, Ballet Production, Baseball Batting Cage, Baseball Club Except Professional And Semi-Professional, Baseball Club Professional And Semi-Professional, Basketball Club, Billiard Parlor, Bingo Hall, Boating And Swimming Clubs, Boating Club Membership, Botanical And Zoological Gardens, Botanical Garden, Bowling Centers, Bridge Club Membership, Card And Game Services, Carnival Operation, Cartoon Production Television, Casting Bureau Motion Picture, Coin-Operated Amusement Devices, Commercials Television: Tape Or Film, Community Theater Production, Concert Management Service, Country Club Membership, Country Music Groups Or Artists, Dance Hall Or Ballroom Operation, Dance Hall Services, Dance Instructor, Dance Instructor And School Services, Dance Studio And School, Dance Studios Schools And Halls, Disc Jockey Service, Diving Instruction Underwater, Drive-In Motion Picture Theaters, Entertainers, Entertainers And Entertainment Groups, Entertainment Group, Entertainment Promotion, Entertainment Service, Equipment And Prop Rental Motion Picture Production, Equipment Rental Theatrical, Exercise Facilities, Exercise Salon, Exhibition And Carnival Operation Services, Exhibitors Itinerant: Motion Picture, Fair Nsk, Festival Operation, Film Or Tape Rental Motion Picture, Fireworks Display Service, Football Club, Football Club Except Professional And Semi-Professional, Fortune Tellers, Gambling Establishment, Game Machines, Game Parlor, Games Instruction, Gaming, Golf Cart Power Rental, Golf Club Membership, Golf Driving Range, Golf Pitch-N-Putt, Golf Services And Professionals, Gymnastic Instruction Non-Membership, Health Club, Historical Society, Horse Race Track Operation, Horse Shows, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Hunting Guides, Instruction Schools Camps And Services, Jazz Music Group Or Artist, Jockey Horse Racing, Juke Box, Karate Instruction, Kiddie Park, Legitimate Live Theater Producers, Lifeguard Service, Lighting Theatrical, Magician, Martial Arts School Nec, Massage Instruction, Mechanical Games Coin-Operated, Membership Sports And Recreation Clubs, Miniature Golf Course Operation, Motion Picture And Video Production, Motion Picture Production, Motion Picture Production And Distribution, Motion Picture Theaters Except Drive-In, Motor Vehicle Racing And Drivers, Museum, Museums And Art Galleries, Musical Entertainers, Musician, Opera Company, Orchestras Or Bands Nec, Outdoor Field Clubs, Parachute Training For Pleasure, Physical Fitness Clubs With Training Equipment, Physical Fitness Facilities, Physical Fitness Instruction, Picnic Ground Operation, Plays Road And Stock Companies, Pleasure Boat Rental, Professional And Semi-Professional Sports Clubs, Professional Dancing School, Public Golf Courses, Race Car Drivers, Race Car Owners, Race Track Operation, Racehorse Training, Racing Including Track Operation, Racquetball Club Non-Membership, Radio Producers, Rafting Tours, Recreation Center, Recreation Services, Riding Academy And School, Riding And Rodeo Services, Riding Stable, Rodeo Operation, Roller Skating Rink Operation, Rowboat And Canoe Rental, Saddlehorse Rental, Scuba And Skin Diving Instruction, Shooting Gallery, Shooting Range Operation, Skating Rink Operation Services, Soccer Club, Soccer Club Except Professional And Semi-Professional, Sound Effects And Music Production Motion Picture, Spas, Sports Clubs Managers And Promoters, Sports Field Or Stadium Operator Promoting Sports Events, Sports Professionals Nec, Sports Promotion, Squash Club Non-Membership, Stadium Event Operator Services, Stock Car Racing, Studio Property Rental Motion Picture, Summer Theater, Swimming Club Membership, Swimming Instruction, Swimming Pool Non-Membership, Symphony Orchestra, Table Sports Parlor Operation, Talent Agent Theatrical, Television Film Production, Television Program Including Commercial Producers, Ten Pin Center, Tennis Club Membership, Tennis Professional, Tennis Services And Professionals, Theatrical Producers And Services, Theatrical Production Services, Theatrical Talent And Booking Agencies, Theme Park Amusement, Ticket Sales Office For Sporting Events Contract, Tour And Guide Services, Tourist Attraction Commercial, Tourist Attractions Amusement Park Concessions And Rides, Tv Tape Services: Editing Transfers Etc., Video Disk/Tape Rental To The General Public, Video Game Arcade, Video Production, Video Tape Or Disk Reproduction, Video Tape Production, Video Tape Rental, Video Tapes Recorded: Wholesale, Yacht Club Membership, Yoga Instruction, Zoological Garden Commercial


Alfalfa Or Alfalfa Meal Prepared As Animal Feed, Almond Pastes, Bakery Products Dry, Bakery Products Partially Cooked (Except Frozen), Barbecue Sauce: Packaged In Cans Jars Etc., Beer (Alcoholic Beverage), Bottled And Canned Soft Drinks, Bread All Types (White Wheat Farming Rye Etc); Fresh Or Frozen, Bread Cake And Related Products, Cakes Bakery: Except Frozen, Cakes Pies And Pastries, Candy And Other Confectionery Products, Canned Fruits And Specialties, Carbonated Beverages Nonalcoholic: Pkged. In Cans Bottles, Carbonated Soft Drinks Bottled And Canned, Cereal- Grain- And Seed-Based Feeds, Chicken Feeds Prepared, Chili With Or Without Meat: Packaged In Cans Jars Etc., Chocolate, Chocolate Candy Except Solid Chocolate, Coffee Roasting (Except By Wholesale Grocers), Concentrates Drink, Condensed Milk, Crackers Dry Nec, Dehydrated Fruits Vegetables Soups, Dietary Supplements Dairy And Non-Dairy Based, Dog And Cat Food, Dog Food, Doughnut Mixes Prepared: From Purchased Flour, Doughnuts Except Frozen, Doughs Frozen Or Refrigerated, Dry Pet Food (Except Dog And Cat), Edible Fats And Oils, Feed Concentrates, Flour, Food Preparations Nec, Frozen Specialties Nec, Grain Mills (Except Rice), Grease Rendering Inedible, Ice Cream And Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream Packaged: Molded On Sticks Etc., Ices Flavored (Frozen Dessert), Livestock Feeds, Manufactured Ice, Meat Packing Plants, Mexican Foods Nec: Packaged In Cans Jars Etc., Mineral Water Carbonated: Packaged In Cans Bottles Etc., Pickles Sauces And Salad Dressings, Pickles Vinegar, Pies Bakery; Frozen, Pizza Frozen, Pizza Mixes, Potato Products Dried And Dehydrated, Prepared Beef Products From Purchased Beef, Prepared Feeds Nec, Prepared Pork Products From Purchased Pork, Pretzels, Roasted Coffee, Salads Fresh Or Refrigerated, Sausages From Meat Slaughtered On Site, Sausages From Purchased Meat, Seasonings And Spices, Seasonings Seafood Sauces (Except Tomato And Dry), Soft Drinks: Packaged In Cans Bottles Etc., Spaghetti And Other Pasta Sauce: Packaged In Cans Jars Etc, Tamales: Packaged In Cans Jars Etc., Tortilla Chips, Tortillas Fresh Or Refrigerated, Vegetables And Vegetable Products In Cans Jars Etc., Water Natural: Packaged In Cans Bottles Etc., Wines


Christmas Tree Farm, Forestry Services, Removal Services Bush And Tree, Spraying Services Ornamental Tree, Tree Farm, Tree Trimming Services For Public Utility Lines


Bar Fixtures Wood, Bookcases Household: Wood, Cabinets Except Refrigerated: Show Display Etc.: Wood, Cabinets Factory, Cabinets Lockers And Shelving, Cabinets Office: Wood, Church Furniture, Counter And Sink Tops, Counters Or Counter Display Cases Wood, Display Fixtures Wood, Factory Furniture And Fixtures, Furniture And Fixtures Nec, Garden Furniture Metal, Hospital Furniture Except Beds, Household Furniture Except Wood Or Metal: Upholstered, Household Furniture Nec, Lawn And Garden Furniture Except Wood And Metal, Living Room Furniture: Upholstered On Wood Frames, Mattresses And Foundations, Mattresses Containing Felt Foam Rubber Urethane Etc., Mattresses Innerspring Or Box Spring, Mini Blinds, Office Furniture Except Wood, Partitions And Fixtures Except Wood, Pews Church, Postal Lock Boxes Mail Racks And Related Products, Shelving Office And Store Except Wood, Stereo Cabinets Wood, Storage Chests Household: Wood, Store Fixtures Wood, Theater Furniture, Upholstered Household Furniture, Wood Desks Bookcases And Magazine Racks, Wood Household Furniture, Wood Office Furniture, Wood Television And Radio Cabinets

Government Agencies

Administration Of Educational Programs, Administration Of Educational Programs Local Government, Administration Of Educational Programs State Government, Administration Of General Economic Programs, Administration Of Public Health Programs, Administration Of Public Health Programs County Government, Administration Of Social And Human Resources, Administration Of Social And Manpower Programs, Administration Of Social And Manpower Programs State Government, Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, Administration Of Veterans' Affairs Federal Government, Agriculture Extension Service, Agriculture Fair Board Government, Air Force, Air Pollution Control Agency Government, Air Traffic Control Operations Government, Air Water And Solid Waste Management, Air Water And Solid Waste Management County Government, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Government, Army, Attorney General's Office, Banking Regulatory Agency Government, Bureau Of Criminal Investigation Government, Bureau Of Public Roads, Child Health Program Administration Government, City And Town Managers' Office, City Council, Civil Defense, Commodity Exchange Authority, Community And Rural Development, Congress, Conservation And Stabilization Agency Government, Consulates, Correctional Institutions, County Agricultural Agent Government, County Commissioner, County Planning And Development Agency Government, County Police, County Supervisors' And Executives' Office, Courts, Courts County Government, Customs Bureau, Detention Center Government, Disaster Preparedness And Management Office Government, District Attorneys' Office, Economic Development Agency Government, Emergency Management Office Government, Energy Development And Conservation Agency Government, Executive And Legislative Combined, Executive And Legislative Offices Combined County Government, Executive Offices, Executive Offices County Government, Executive Offices Federal Government, Executive Offices Local Government, Executive Offices State And Local, Executive Offices State Government, Federal Courts, Finance Taxation And Monetary Policy, Fire Department Not Including Volunteer, Fire Department Volunteer, Fire Protection, Fire Protection Local Government, Fish And Wildlife Conservation Agency Government, Food Inspection Agency Government, General Accounting Office Government, General Government Administration, General Government County Government, General Government Nec, General Government State Government, Governors' Office, House Of Correction Government, Housing Agency Government, Housing Authority Nonoperating: Government, Housing Programs, Indian Reservation, Insurance Commission Government, Jail Government, Labor Regulatory Agency, Labor-Management Negotiations Board Government, Land Conservation Agencies, Land Management Agency Government, Land Mineral And Wildlife Conservation, Land Mineral And Wildlife Conservation Local Government, Land Mineral And Wildlife Conservation State Government, Law Enforcement Statistics Center Government, Legislative Bodies, Legislative Bodies County Government, Legislative Bodies State And Local, Licensing And Inspection Of Utilities Government, Marine Corps, Marshals' Office Police, Mayors' Office, Medical Assistance Program Administration Government, Motor Vehicle Licensing And Inspection Office Government, Municipal Police, National Guard, National Security, Navy, Police Protection, Police Protection County Government, Police Protection Local Government, Police Protection State Government, Property Tax Assessors' Office, Prosecuting Parties, Public Health Agency Administration Government, Public Order And Safety Local Government, Public Order And Safety Statistics Centers, Recreational Program Administration Government, Regulation Administration Of Transportation, Regulation Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors, Regulation Of Agricultural Marketing, Sanitary Engineering Agency Government, Sheriffs' Office, Social Security Administration Government, Soil Conservation Services Government, Space Research And Technology, State Highway Patrol, State Tax Commission, Taxation, Taxation Department Government, Town Council, Transit System Or Authority: Government Nonoperating, Transportation Department: Government Nonoperating, Treasurers' Office Government, United States Attorneys' Office, Urban And Community Development, Wage Control Agency Government, Water Control And Quality Agency Government, Wildlife Conservation Agencies, Wind And Water Erosion Control Agency Government

Health and Fitness

Natural Health, Physical Therapy


Aircraft And Motor Vehicle Measurement Equipment, Aircraft Control Systems Electronic, Analytical Instruments, Blueprint Cloth Or Paper Sensitized, Boiler Controls: Industrial Power And Marine Type, Cameras Still And Motion Picture (All Types), Clocks Assembly Of, Combustion Control Instruments, Controllers For Process Variables All Types, Densitometers, Dental Equipment And Supplies, Dental Materials, Denture Materials, Diagnostic Apparatus Medical, Drafting Instruments And Machines: T-Square Template Etc., Electromedical Equipment, Extension Shoes Orthopedic, Eyeglasses Lenses And Frames, Eyes Glass And Plastic, Film Sensitized Motion Picture X-Ray Still Camera Etc., Flow Instruments Industrial Process Type, Fluid Meters And Counting Devices, Fluidic Devices Circuits And Systems For Process Control, Frames Lenses And Parts Eyeglass And Spectacle, Gauging Instruments Thickness Ultrasonic, Gun Sights Optical, Hand Pieces And Parts Dental, Hearing Aids, Hypodermic Needles And Syringes, Ignition Testing Instruments, Impression Material Dental, Industrial Process Measurement Equipment, Infrared Instruments Industrial Process Type, Instruments Measuring Thermal Properties, Instruments Microsurgical: Except Electromedical, Integrating And Totalizing Meters For Gas And Liquids, Laboratory Apparatus And Furniture, Laboratory Apparatus Except Heating And Measuring, Laboratory Equipment: Fume Hoods Distillation Racks Etc., Lenses Ophthalmic, Limbs Artificial, Line Control For Electric Heat, Liquid Analysis Instruments Industrial Process Type, Liquid Meters Nec, Liquid Testing Apparatus, Map Plotting Instruments, Measuring And Controlling Devices Nec, Medical Instruments And Equipment Blood And Bone Work, Missile Guidance Systems And Equipment, Network Analyzers, Nuclear Radiation And Testing Apparatus, Ophthalmic Goods, Optical Instruments And Lenses, Optometers, Orthopedic Appliances, Personal Safety Equipment, Petroleum Product Analyzing Apparatus, Photographic Equipment And Supplies, Photographic Processing Chemicals, Physiotherapy Equipment Electrical, Pressure Controllers Air-Conditioning System Type, Pressure Gauges Dial And Digital, Primary Elements For Process Flow Measurement, Process Control Instruments, Prosthetic Appliances, Protective Eyeware, Radio Frequency Measuring Equipment, Search And Navigation Equipment, Sonar Systems And Equipment, Speedometers, Surgical And Medical Instruments, Surgical Appliances And Supplies, Temperature Measurement Instruments Industrial, Test Equipment For Electronic And Electric Measurement, Thermal Conductivity Instruments Industrial Process Type, Thermocouples, Thermometers And Temperature Sensors, Timers For Industrial Use Clockwork Mechanism Only, Ultrasonic Medical Equipment Except Cleaning, Vapor Heating Controls, Vibration Meters Analyzers And Calibrators, Water Quality Monitoring And Control Systems, Whirlpool Baths Hydrotherapy Equipment, X-Ray Apparatus And Tubes


Accident And Health Insurance, Accident And Health Insurance Carriers, Agricultural Credit Institutions, Agricultural Loan Companies, Apartment Building Operators, Apartment Hotel Operation, Appraiser Real Estate, Auction Real Estate, Auditorium And Hall Operation, Automobile And Consumer Finance Companies, Automobile Insurance, Bank Holding Companies, Bond And Mortgage Companies, Broker Of Manufactured Homes On Site, Brokers Farm Or Business Loan, Brokers Security, Buying Agent Real Estate, Cemeteries Real Estate Operation, Cemetery Management Service, Cemetery Subdividers And Developers, Charitable Trust Management, Check Cashing Agencies, Check Clearing Services, Commercial And Industrial Building Operation, Commercial Banks Nec, Commodity Brokers Contracts, Commodity Contract Trading Companies, Commodity Contracts Brokers Dealers, Commodity Investors, Condominium Manager, Consumer Finance Companies, Copyright Buying And Licensing, Credit And Other Financial Responsibility Insurance, Dental Insurance, Deposit Insurance, Dwelling Operators Except Apartments, Education Services Insurance, Educational Trust Management, Electronic Funds Transfer Network Including Switching, Equipment And Vehicle Finance Leasing Companies, Escrow Agent Real Estate, Escrow Institutions Other Than Real Estate, Export/Import Bank, Factoring Services, Farm Land Leasing, Farm Mortgage Companies, Federal And Federally Sponsored Credit, Federal Credit Unions, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Fdic), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank, Federal Savings And Loan Associations, Federal Savings Banks, Federal Savings Institutions, Financing: Automobiles Furniture Etc. Not A Deposit Bank, Fire Marine And Casualty Insurance, Franchises Selling Or Licensing, Fraternal Life Insurance Organizations, Functions Related To Depository Banking, Futures Advisory Service, Futures Brokers And Dealers Commodity, General And Industrial Loan Institutions, Government National Mortgage Association, Health Insurance Carriers, Health Maintenance Organization (Hmo) Insurance Only, Holding Companies Nec, Hospital And Medical Service Plans, Housing Authority Operator, Industrial Loan Banks And Companies Not A Deposit Bank, Information Bureaus Insurance, Inspection And Investigation Services Insurance, Installment Sales Finance Other Than Banks, Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Agents And Brokers, Insurance Agents Brokers And Service, Insurance Agents Nec, Insurance Brokers Nec, Insurance Carriers Nec, Insurance Claim Adjusters Not Employed By Insurance Company, Insurance Claim Processing Except Medical, Insurance Information And Consulting Services, Investment Advice, Investment Advisory Service, Investment Bankers, Investment Clubs, Investment Counselors, Investment Firm General Brokerage, Investment Holding Companies Except Banks, Investment Offices Nec, Investment Research, Investors Nec, Land Subdividers And Developers Commercial, Land Subdividers And Developers Residential, Landholding Office, Lessors Of Piers Docks Associated Buildings And Facilities, Liability Insurance, Licensed Loan Companies Small, Life Insurance, Life Insurance Agents, Life Insurance Carriers, Loan Agents, Loan Brokers, Loan Correspondents, Management Investment Open-Ended, Mausoleum Operation, Medical Insurance Claim Processing Contract Or Fee Basis, Mineral Leasing Dealers, Mineral Oil And Gas Leasing And Royalty Dealers, Mineral Royalties Dealers, Miscellaneous Business Credit, Mobile Home Site Operators, Money Order Issuance, Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Bankers And Correspondents, Mortgage Brokers Arranging For Loans Using Money Of Others, Mortgage Brokers Using Own Money, Mortgage Guarantee Insurance, Mortgage Investment Trusts, Mortgages Buying And Selling, Multiple Listing Service Real Estate, Mutual Accident And Health Associations, Mutual Fund Sales On Own Account, Mutual Funds Selling By Independent Salesperson, National Commercial Banks, National Trust Companies With Deposits Commercial, Nondeposit Trust Facilities, Nonresidential Building Operators, Oil And Gas Lease Brokers, Oil Leases Buying And Selling On Own Account, Oil Royalties Dealers, Oil Royalty Traders, Pension And Retirement Plan Consultants, Pension Funds, Pension Health And Welfare Funds, Personal Credit Institutions, Personal Finance Licensed Loan Companies Small, Personal Holding Companies Except Banks, Personal Investment Trust Management, Private Estate Personal Investment And Vacation Fund Trusts, Property And Casualty Insurance Agent, Property Damage Insurance, Property Operation Retail Establishment, Purchasers Of Accounts Receivable And Commercial Paper, Railroad Property Lessors, Real Estate Agent Commercial, Real Estate Agent Residential, Real Estate Agents And Managers, Real Estate Brokers And Agents, Real Estate Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Real Estate Investors Except Property Operators, Real Estate Leasing And Rentals, Real Estate Listing Services, Real Estate Managers, Real Property Lessors Nec, Realty Investment Trusts, Religious Trust Management, Rental Agent Real Estate, Research Services Insurance, Residential Building Four Or Fewer Units: Operation, Residential Hotel Operation, Retirement Hotel Operation, Royalty Owners Protective Associations, Savings Institutions Except Federal, Securities Flotation Companies, Security Brokers And Dealers, Security Speculators For Own Account, Selling Agent Real Estate, Shopping Center Property Operation Only, Short-Term Business Credit, Small Business Investment Companies, State Commercial Banks, State Credit Unions, State Credit Unions Not Federally Chartered, State Savings Banks Not Federally Chartered, State Trust Companies Accepting Deposits Commercial, Stock Brokers And Dealers, Sub-Lessors Of Real Estate, Subdividers And Developers Nec, Surety Insurance, Tax Liens: Holding Buying And Selling, Theater Building Ownership And Operation, Time-Sharing Real Estate Sales Leasing And Rentals, Title Abstract Offices, Title And Trust Companies, Title Insurance, Title Search Companies, Trusts Except Educational Religious Charity: Management, Trusts Nec, Trusts: Educational Religious Etc., Union Trust Funds, Unit Investment Trusts, Venture Capital Companies, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Working Capital Financing


Accessory Products Leather, Boot And Shoe Accessories, Clothing And Apparel Carrying Cases, Equestrian Related Leather Articles, Gloves Leather: Work, Handbags Women's, Harness Or Harness Parts, Industrial Leather Products, Leather Garments, Leather Tanning And Finishing, Mill Strapping For Textile Mills Leather, Orthopedic Shoes Men's, Riding Crops, Saddlery Leather, Saddles Or Parts, Wallets, Whipstocks


Bed And Breakfast Inn, Bible Camp, Boarding House Organization, Campgrounds, Campsite, Casino Hotel, Dude Ranch, Fishing Camp, Fraternities And Sororities, Fraternity Residential House, Furnished Room Rental, Hostels, Hotel Franchised, Hotels, Hotels And Motels, Hunting Camp, Inns, Lodging House Except Organization, Membership-Basis Organization Hotels, Motel Franchised, Motels, Motor Inn, Recreational Camps, Recreational Vehicle Parks, Resort Hotel, Rooming And Boarding Houses, Rooming Houses, Sorority Residential House, Sporting And Recreational Camps, Summer Camp Except Day And Sports Instructional, Tourist Camps Cabins Cottages And Courts, Trailer Park, Trailer Parks And Campsites, Vacation Lodges, Youth Camps


Baskets: Fruit And Vegetable Round Stave Till Etc., Blinds (Shutters) Wood, Custom Sawmill, Decorative Wood And Woodwork, Doors And Door Parts And Trim Wood, Engraved Wood Products, Exterior And Ornamental Woodwork And Trim, Floating Docks Wood, Flooring Hardwood, Hardwood Dimension And Flooring Mills, Interior And Ornamental Woodwork And Trim, Knobs Wood, Laundry Products Wood, Log Cabins Prefabricated Wood, Logging, Logging Camps And Contractors, Lumber Hardwood Dimension, Millwork, Mobile Homes, Modular Homes Prefabricated Wood, Moldings And Baseboards Ornamental And Trim, Moldings Wood: Unfinished And Prefinished, Ornamental Woodwork: Corn Farmingices Mantels Etc., Pallets Wood, Pallets Wood And Wood With Metal, Panels And Sections Prefabricated Wood, Picture And Mirror Frames Wood, Prefabricated Wood Buildings, Reconstituted Wood Products, Rectangular Boxes And Crates Wood, Rollers Wood, Sawdust And Shavings, Sawdust Shavings And Wood Chips, Sawmills And Planing Mills General, Shingles Wood: Sawed Or Hand Split, Shipping Cases Wood: Nailed Or Lock Corn Farminger, Staircases Stairs And Railings, Structural Lumber And Timber Treated Wood, Structural Wood Members Nec, Stumps Wood, Trusses Except Roof: Laminated Lumber, Trusses Wooden Roof, Windows And Window Parts And Trim Wood, Wood Containers Nec, Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Pallets And Skids, Wood Products Nec, Woodenware Kitchen And Household, Woodwork Interior And Ornamental Nec


Air And Gas Compressors, Air And Gas Compressors Including Vacuum Pumps, Air Cleaning Systems, Air Conditioning Units Complete: Domestic Or Industrial, Air Intake Filters Internal Combustion Engine Except Auto, Asphalt Plant Including Gravel-Mix Type, Assembly Machines Including Robotic, Automatic Vending Machines, Automobile Elevators, Automotive Related Machinery, Backhoe Mounted Hydraulically Powered Attachments, Backhoes, Backhoes Tractors Cranes Plows And Similar Equipment, Balers Farm: Hay Straw Cotton Etc., Barn Cleaners, Belt Conveyor Systems General Industrial Use, Bending Machines, Bits Oil And Gas Field Tools: Rock, Blast Cleaning Equipment Dustless, Blowers And Fans, Blowing Fans: Industrial Or Commercial, Boat Lifts, Cabs Tractors And Agricultural Machinery, Car Washing Machinery, Carnival Machines And Equipment Amusement Park Nec, Cartridge-Activated Hand Power Tools, Cattle Feeding Handling And Watering Equipment, Centrifugal Purifiers, Centrifuges Industrial, Chemical Machinery And Equipment, Chemical Milling Job Shop, Clutches Except Vehicular, Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Computer Peripheral Equipment Nec, Computer Storage Devices, Computer Terminals, Concrete Plants, Concrete Products Machinery, Construction Machinery, Cranes Nec, Cranes Overhead Traveling, Custom Machinery, Cutoff Machines (Metalworking Machinery), Cutting Tools For Machine Tools, Cylinders Pump, Diamond Dies Metalworking, Dirt Sweeping Units Industrial, Dozers Tractor Mounted: Material Moving, Dredging Machinery, Driers And Redriers Industrial Process, Electric Welding Equipment, Electrical Furnaces Ovens & Heating Devices Exc.Induction, Electronic Component Making Machinery, Electronic Computers, Electroplating Machinery And Equipment, Elevators And Moving Stairways, Embroidery Machines, Farm Machinery And Equipment, Filters Air: Furnaces Air Conditioning Equipment Etc., Filters And Strainers Pipeline, Filters General Line: Industrial, Firefighting And Related Equipment, Flexible Metal Hose Tubing And Bellows, Food Products Machinery, Forms (Molds) For Foundry And Plastics Working Machinery, Foundry Machinery And Equipment, Foundry Patternmaking, Furniture Makers Machinery Woodworking, Galvanizing Lines (Rolling Mill Equipment), Gas Field Machinery And Equipment, Gas Producers Generators And Other Gas Related Equipment, Gasoline Engines, Gasoline Filters Internal Combustion Engine Except Auto, Gasoline Pumps Measuring Or Dispensing, General Industrial Machinery, Generators: Steam Liquid Oxygen Or Nitrogen, Glass Making Machinery: Blowing Molding Forming Etc., Greens Mowing Equipment, Grinding Castings For The Trade, Heaters Swimming Pool: Electric, Heating Units And Devices Industrial: Electric, High Pressure Cleaning Equipment, Hoists Cranes And Monorails, Home Workshop Machine Tools Metalworking, Industrial Furnaces And Ovens, Industrial Machinery Nec, Industrial Molds, Industrial Patterns, Industrial Pumps And Parts, Industrial Trucks And Tractors, Internal Combustion Engines Nec, Jacks Hydraulic, Lawn And Garden Equipment, Lawn And Garden Mowers And Accessories, Lawn And Garden Tractors And Equipment, Leather Working Machinery, Lift Trucks Industrial: Fork Platform Straddle Etc., Machine And Other Job Shop Work, Machine Shop Jobbing And Repair, Machine Tool Accessories, Machine Tools Metal Cutting Type, Machine Tools Metal Forming Type, Mainframe Computers, Marking Machines Metalworking, Measuring And Dispensing Pumps, Meat Processing Machinery, Metalworking Machinery Nec, Mining Machinery, Mixers Nec: Ore Plaster Slag Sand Mortar Etc., Office Machines Nec, Oil And Gas Drilling Rigs And Equipment, Oil And Gas Field Machinery, Oil Field Machinery And Equipment, Optical Lens Machinery, Outboard Motors, Packaging Machinery, Parts And Accessories Internal Combustion Engines, Pattern Makers' Machinery Woodworking, Personal Computers (Microcomputers), Petroleum Refinery Equipment, Pipe Cutting And Threading Machines, Plastics Working Machinery, Point-Of-Sale Devices, PopCorn Farming Machines Commercial, Postage Meters, Power Transmission Equipment Nec, Precision Tools Machinists', Printers And Plotters, Printers Computer, Printing Trades Machinery, Pump Jacks And Other Pumping Equipment, Pumps And Pumping Equipment, Pumps Domestic: Water Or Sump, Pumps Oil Well And Field, Rebuilt Machine Tools Metal Forming Types, Recycling Machinery, Refinery Chemical Processing And Similar Machinery, Refrigeration And Heating Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment Complete, Road Construction And Maintenance Machinery, Rock Crushing Machinery Portable, Roller Bearings And Parts, Saws And Sawing Equipment, Sewage And Water Treatment Equipment, Sewage Treatment Equipment, Shaping Tools (Machine Tool Accessories), Shredders Industrial And Commercial, Silk Screens For Textile Industry, Special Dies And Tools, Special Dies Tools Jigs And Fixtures, Speed Changers Drives And Gears, Sprinkler Systems Fire: Automatic, Time Clocks And Time Recording Devices, Tools And Accessories For Machine Tools, Trailers And Wagons Farm, Truck (Motor Vehicle) Scales, Truck Trailers Used In Plants Docks Terminals Etc., Trucks Off-Highway, Trucks Tractors Loaders Carriers And Similar Equipment, Trucks: Freight Baggage Etc.: Industrial Except Mining, Turbo-Blowers Industrial, Water Filters And Softeners Household Type, Water Treatment Equipment Industrial, Welding And Cutting Apparatus And Accessories Nec, Winches, Woodworking Machinery


Advertising Display Products, Advertising Novelties, Airplanes Toy, Archery Equipment General, Bait Artificial: Fishing, Barber And Beauty Shop Equipment, Billiard And Pool Equipment And Supplies General, Board Games Children's And Adults', Camping Equipment And Supplies, Candles, Carbon Paper And Inked Ribbons, Clothing Doll, Coin-Operated Amusement Machines, Colors Artists': Water And Oxide Ceramic Glass, Costume Jewelry, Craft And Hobby Kits And Sets, Date Stamps Hand: Rubber Or Metal, Decoys Duck And Other Game Birds, Education Aids Devices And Supplies, Electric Signs, Electronic Game Machines Except Coin-Operated, Embossing Seals And Hand Stamps, Embroidery Kits, Exercise Equipment, Fasteners, Fishing Equipment, Fishing Tackle General, Frames For Artists' Canvases, Furs, Games Toys And Children's Vehicles, Grinding And Pulverizing Of Materials Nec, Guitars And Parts Electric And Nonelectric, Hair And Hair-Based Products, Hard Surface Floor Coverings Nec, Hunting Equipment, Jewelers' Findings And Materials, Jewelers' Materials And Lapidary Work, Jewelry Apparel, Jewelry Apparel Non-Precious Metals, Jewelry Precious Metal, Manufacturing Industries Nec, Marking Devices, Military Insignia, Musical Instruments, Neon Signs, Nets: Badminton Volleyball Tennis Etc., Plaques Picture Laminated, Playground Equipment, Potpourri, Print Cartridges For Laser And Other Computer Printers, Puppets And Marionettes, Reels Fishing, Rings Finger: Precious Metal, Rods And Rod Parts Fishing, Self-Defense Sprays, Shafts Golf Club, Signs And Advertising Specialties, Signs Not Made In Custom Sign Painting Shops, Skateboards, Sporting And Athletic Goods Nec, Swimming Pools Except Plastic, Swimming Pools Plastic, Targets Archery And Rifle Shooting, Time Stamps Hand: Rubber Or Metal, Tobacco Pipes Pipestems And Bits, Trains And Equipment Toy: Electric And Mechanical, Video Game Machines Except Coin-Operated, Wreaths Artificial


Alumni Association, Amateur Sports Promotion, Animal Humane Society, Apostolic Church, Architect Association, Art Council, Assembly Of God Church, Athletic Organizations, Automobile Owners' Association, Baptist Church, Better Business Bureau, Boy Scout Organization, Brethren Church, Buddhist Temple, Business Associations, Business Persons Club, Catholic Church, Chamber Of Commerce, Charitable Organization, Christian And Reformed Church, Christian Reformed Church, Christian Science Church, Church Of Christ, Church Of God, Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church), Church Of The Nazarene, Churches Temples And Shrines, Civic And Social Associations, Civic Associations, Community Affairs And Services, Community Church, Community Membership Club, Condominium Association, Contractors' Association, Convent, Covenant And Evangelical Church, Dental Association, Education And Teacher Association, Educator's Association, Employees' Association, Environmental Protection Organization, Episcopal Church, Farm Bureau, Fraternal Associations, Girl Scout Organization, Greek Orthodox Church, Health Association, Historical Club, Homeowners' Association, Inter-Denominational Church, Junior Chamber Of Commerce, Labor Organizations, Labor Union, Lutheran Church, Manufacturers' Institute, Medical Field-Related Associations, Membership Organizations Nec, Mennonite Church, Merchants' Association, Methodist Church, Miscellaneous Denomination Church, Neighborhood Association, Non-Denominational Church, Nonchurch Religious Organizations, Pentecostal Church, Personal Interest Organization, Political Action Committee, Political Organizations, Presbyterian Church, Professional Organizations, Professional Standards Review Board, Reading Room Religious Materials, Real Estate Board, Recreation Association, Regulatory Associations, Religious Instruction, Religious Organizations, Scientific Membership Association, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Singing Society, Social Associations, Social Club Membership, Synagogue, Temples, Trade Associations, Trade Union, Travel Club, University Club, Veterans' Organization, Youth Organizations


Aerospace Investment Castings Ferrous, Air Coolers Metal Plate, Aircraft Hardware, Aircraft Sheet Metal, Aluminum And Aluminum-Based Alloy Castings, Aluminum Die-Castings, Aluminum Foundries, Aluminum Smelting And Refining (Secondary), Aluminum Wire And Cable, Animal Traps Iron Or Steel, Anodizing (Plating) Of Metals Or Formed Products, Appliance Parts Porcelain Enameled, Architectural Metalwork, Architectural Panels Or Parts Porcelain Enameled, Automatic Regulating And Control Valves, Automobile License Tags Stamped Metal, Awnings Sheet Metal, Barbed And Twisted Wire, Bars And Bar Shapes Steel Cold-Finished: Own Hot-Rolled, Bars Concrete Reinforcing: Fabricated Steel, Battery Metal, Blast Furnaces And Steel Mills, Boiler And Boiler Shop Work, Boiler Shop Products: Boilers Smokestacks Steel Tanks, Bolts Nuts Rivets And Washers, Boxes: Tool Lunch Mail Etc.: Stamped Metal, Bronze Foundry Nec, Building Components Structural Steel, Buildings Portable: Prefabricated Metal, Caissons Metal Plate, Canopies Sheet Metal, Carpet Layers' Hand Tools, Carports Prefabricated Metal, Castings Except Die-Castings Precision, Chromium Plating Of Metals Or Formed Products, Cleaning And Descaling Metal Products, Coating Of Metals And Formed Products, Coating Rust Preventive, Coils Pipe: Fabricated From Purchased Pipe, Cold Finishing Of Steel Shapes, Communication Wire, Condensers Steam, Containers Shipping (Bombs Etc.): Metal Plate, Control Valves Fluid Power: Hydraulic And Pneumatic, Copper And Copper Alloy Pipe And Tube, Cutlery, Cutting Dies Except Metal Cutting, Cylinders Pressure: Metal Plate, Docks Prefabricated Metal, Drums Shipping: Metal, Ducts Sheet Metal, Dumpsters Garbage, Electroplating Of Metals Or Formed Products, Engine Or Turbine Forgings Nonferrous, Engraving Jewelry Silverware Or Metal, Etching And Engraving, Expansion Joints (Structural Shapes) Iron Or Steel, Fabricated Metal Products Nec, Fabricated Pipe And Fittings, Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shop), Fabricated Structural Metal, Farm And Utility Buildings, Fence Gates Posts And Fittings: Steel, Fences Gates Posts And Flagpoles, Fences Or Posts Ornamental Iron Or Steel, Fiber Optic Cable (Insulated), Finishing Metals Or Formed Products, Finned Tubes For Heat Transfer, Flange Valve And Pipe Fitting Forgings Ferrous, Fluid Power Valves And Hose Fittings, Forgings Iron And Steel, Forming Machine Work Sheet Metal, Friction Material Made From Powdered Metal, Furniture Builders' And Other Household Hardware, Galvanizing Of Iron Steel Or End-Formed Products, Garage Doors Overhead: Metal, Gas Burners Domestic, Gray And Ductile Iron Foundries, Gray Iron Castings Nec, Grilles And Grillework Woven Wire, Guns (Firearms) Or Gun Parts 30 Mm. And Below, Gutters Sheet Metal, Hand And Edge Tools Nec, Hardware Nec, Heat Exchangers Condensers And Components, Heat Exchangers Plate Type, Heat Exchangers: Coolers (After Inter) Condensers Etc., Heating Equipment Except Electric, Horseshoes, Hose And Tube Fittings And Assemblies Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Industrial Valves, Industrial Vessels Tanks And Containers, Iron And Steel Forgings, Ironing Boards Metal, Keys Locks And Related Hardware, Kitchen Fixtures And Equipment Porcelain Enameled, Knife Blades And Blanks, Lead Smelting And Refining (Primary), Logs Gas Fireplace, Louver Doors Metal, Louvers Shutters Jalousies And Similar Items, Louvers Ventilating, Machine Bases Metal, Machine Parts Stamped Or Pressed Metal, Magnetic Shields Metal, Metal Barrels Drums And Pails, Metal Doors, Metal Doors Sash And Trim, Metal Fasteners, Metal Flooring And Siding, Metal Heat Treating, Metal Housings Enclosures Casings And Other Containers, Metal Parts, Metal Roofing And Roof Drainage Equipment, Metal Sanitary Ware, Metal Stampings Nec, Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products, Miscellaneous Metalwork, Motor Vehicle Hardware, Nonferrous Foundries Nec, Nonferrous Rolling And Drawing Nec, Novelties And Giftware Including Trophies, Ornamental Metal Stampings, Ornamental Metalwork, Painting Coating And Hot Dipping, Patterns On Metal, Pipe Fittings Fabricated From Purchased Pipe, Pipe Sections Fabricated From Purchased Pipe, Pipe Sheet Metal, Pipes Iron And Steel, Piping Systems For Pulp Paper And Chemical Industries, Plastic Plumbing Fixture Fittings Assembly, Plate Work For The Metalworking Trade, Plating And Polishing, Plating Of Metals Or Formed Products, Plumbers' Hand Tools, Porcelain Enameled Products And Utensils, Prefabricated Metal Buildings, Pressure Pipe And Fittings Cast Iron, Pressure Valves And Regulators Industrial, Primary Aluminum, Process Vessels Industrial: Metal Plate, Pulleys Metal, Safes And Vaults Metal, Saw Blades For Hand Or Power Saws, Screens Window Metal, Screw Machine Products, Sheet Metal Specialties Not Stamped, Sheet Metalwork, Slings Lifting: Made From Purchased Wire, Small Arms, Small Arms Ammunition, Stainless Steel, Stairs Staircases Stair Treads: Prefabricated Metal, Stamping Metal For The Trade, Steam Fittings And Specialties, Steel Foundries Nec, Steel Investment Foundries, Steel Pipe And Tubes, Steel Springs Except Wire, Steel Wire And Related Products, Storm Doors Or Windows Metal, Structural Shapes And Pilings Steel, Tanks Lined: Metal Plate, Tanks Standard Or Custom Fabricated: Metal Plate, Tin And Tin Alloy Bars Pipe Sheets Etc., Tin Cans, Tool And Die Steel, Tools Or Equipment For Use With Sporting Arms, Tower Sections Radio And Television Transmission, Towers (Bubble Cooling Fractionating Etc.): Metal Plate, Trophies Metal Except Silver, Tube Fabricating (Contract Bending And Shaping), Tube Fins Stamped Metal, Tubes Steel And Iron, Tubes Welded Aluminum, Unit Heaters Domestic, Valves And Pipe Fittings Nec, Valves Automatic Control, Vessels Process Or Storage (From Boiler Shops): Metal Plate, Water Pipe Cast Iron, Water Tanks Metal Plate, Wire Cloth And Woven Wire Products, Wire Fasteners, Wire Products Steel Or Iron, Wire Springs, Woven Wire Products Nec, Zinc And Zinc-Base Alloy Die-Castings


Bituminous Coal And Lignite-Surface Mining, Bituminous Coal Mining Services Contract Basis, Bituminous Coal Surface Mining, Bituminous Coal-Underground Mining, Cement Rock Crushed And Broken-Quarrying, Coal Mining Services, Common Sand Mining, Construction Sand And Gravel, Crushed And Broken Granite, Crushed And Broken Limestone, Crushed And Broken Stone Nec, Dimension Stone, Igneus Rock Crushed And Broken-Quarrying, Industrial Sand, Limestones Ground, Mine And Quarry Services Nonmetallic Minerals, Mine Exploration Nonmetallic Minerals, Phosphate Rock, Precious Stones Mining Nec, Rubbing Stone Quarrying, Sand Mining

Oil and Gas

Acidizing Wells, Aerial Geophysical Exploration Oil And Gas, Bailing Cleaning Swabbing And Treating Of Wells, Cementing Oil And Gas Well Casings, Cleaning Wells, Coal Gasification, Coal Liquefaction, Coal Pipeline Operation, Construction Repair And Dismantling Services, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas Production, Crude Petroleum Pipelines, Crude Petroleum Production, Detection And Analysis Service Gas, Directional Drilling Oil And Gas Wells, Drilling Oil And Gas Wells, Excavating Slush Pits And Cellars, Fishing For Tools Oil And Gas Field, Fractionating Natural Gas Liquids, Gas Compressing (Natural Gas) At The Fields, Gas Field Services Nec, Gasoline Pipelines (Common Carriers), Geological Exploration Oil And Gas Field, Geophysical Exploration Oil And Gas Field, Haulage Oil Field, Lease Tanks Oil Field: Erecting Cleaning And Repairing, Measurement Of Well Flow Rates Oil And Gas, Mud Service Oil Field Drilling, Natural Gas Liquids, Natural Gas Liquids Production, Natural Gas Production, Natural Gasoline Production, Oil And Gas Exploration Services, Oil And Gas Field Services Nec, Oil And Gas Wells: Building Repairing And Dismantling, Oil Consultants, Oil Field Services Nec, Oil Sampling Service For Oil Companies, Oil Sand Mining, Processing Service Gas, Pumping Of Oil And Gas Wells, Redrilling Oil And Gas Wells, Refined Petroleum Pipelines, Removal Of Condensate Gasoline From Field (Gathering) Lines, Roustabout Service, Running Cutting And Pulling Casings Tubes And Rods, Seismograph Surveys, Service Well Drilling, Servicing Oil And Gas Wells, Testing Measuring Surveying And Analysis Services, Well Logging


Adhesive Papers Labels Or Tapes: From Purchased Material, Boxes Corrugated: Made From Purchased Materials, Building Paper Laminated: Made From Purchased Material, Catalog Magazine And Newsprint Papers, Container Packaging And Boxboard, Diapers Paper (Disposable): Made From Purchased Paper, Display Items Solid Fiber: Made From Purchased Materials, Envelopes, Folding Paperboard Boxes, Food Storage And Frozen Food Bags Plastic, Garment Bags (Plastic Film): Made From Purchased Materials, Labels Paper: Made From Purchased Material, Packaging Paper, Paper Products Converted Nec, Paper; Coated And Laminated Nec, Paperboard Mills, Partitions Corrugated: Made From Purchased Materials, Pulp Manufactured From Waste Or Recycled Paper, Pulp Mills Mechanical And Recycling Processing, Sanitary Food Containers, Sanitary Paper Products, Shopping Bags: Made From Purchased Materials, Tags Paper (Unprinted): Made From Purchased Paper, Tissue Paper, Tubes Fiber Or Paper: Made From Purchased Material, Wallpaper (Hanging Paper)


Advertising Literature: Printing Nsk, Advertising Posters Lithographed, Art Copy And Poster Publishing, Art Copy: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Atlases: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Binding Only: Books Pamphlets Magazines Etc., Book Clubs: Publishing And Printing, Book Music: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Book Publishing, Bookbinding And Related Work, Books Publishing And Printing, Books Publishing Only, Business Form And Card Printing Gravure, Business Form And Card Printing Lithographic, Business Forms: Printing Nsk, Calendars: Printing Nsk, Color Separations For Printing, Commercial Printing And Newspaper Publishing Combined, Commercial Printing Lithographic, Commercial Printing Nec, Computer Forms Manifold Or Continuous, Decals: Printing Nsk, Directories (Except Telephone): Printing Nsk, Directories Nec: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Directories Telephone: Gravure Printing Not Published, Directories Telephone: Publishing And Printing, Directories Telephone: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Embossing On Paper, Greeting Cards, Guides: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Invitations: Gravure Printing, Job Printing And Newspaper Publishing Combined, Job Printing: Gravure, Labels And Seals: Printing Nsk, Laser Printing, Letterpress And Screen Printing, Letterpress Printing, Letters Circular Or Form: Lithographed, Lithographing On Metal, Magazines: Printing Nsk, Magazines: Publishing And Printing, Magazines: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Manifold Business Forms, Maps: Publishing And Printing, Miscellaneous Publishing, Music Sheet: Publishing And Printing, Music Sheet: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Newsletter Publishing, Newspapers, Newspapers Publishing And Printing, Newspapers: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Offset Printing, Pamphlets: Publishing And Printing, Periodicals, Periodicals Publishing And Printing, Periodicals Publishing Only, Photoengraving Plates Linecuts Or Halftones, Photolithographic Printing, Platemaking Services, Poster And Decal Printing And Engraving, Posters Including Billboards: Printing Nsk, Promotional Printing, Publication Printing, Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks Albums And Diaries, Screen Printing, Screen Printing Fabric, Shopping News: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Tags: Printing Nsk, Technical Papers: Publishing Only Not Printed On Site, Telephone And Other Directory Publishing, Textbooks: Printing And Binding Not Publishing, Textbooks: Publishing And Printing, Thermography, Typesetting, Visiting Cards (Including Business): Printing Nsk

Professional Services

Chiropractic Care, Dentist, Offices And Clinics Of Medical Doctors, Optometrist

Real Estate

Agents, Mini Storage, Real Estate Appraisers Commercial & Industrial, Real Estate Appraisers Residential, Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Inspection Service, Real Estate Loan, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Title Service, Realtor


Barbecue Restaurants, Cafeteria-style restaurants, Coffee houses, Diners, Doughnut, Fast-food Restaurants, Pizza Restaurant, Seafood restaurants, Submarine sandwich restaurants, Vegetarian restaurants


Air Conditioning Room Units Self-Contained, Air Purification Equipment, Aircraft Dealers, Aircraft Instruments Equipment Or Parts, Aircraft Self-Propelled, Alarm And Safety Equipment Stores, Alarm Signal Systems, Alcoholic Beverage Making Equipment And Supplies, All-Terrain Vehicle Parts And Accessories, All-Terrain Vehicles, Ammunition, Antennas, Antennas Satellite Dish, Antiques, Apparel Accessories, Aquarium Supplies, Archery Supplies, Art Dealers, Art Objects Antique, Art Picture Frames And Decorations, Artcraft And Carvings, Artificial Flowers, Artists' Supplies And Materials, Arts And Crafts Supplies, Auction Rooms (General Merchandise), Audio Tapes Prerecorded, Audio-Visual Equipment And Supplies, Auto And Home Supply Stores, Auto And Truck Equipment And Parts, Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment Sale Installation, Automobiles Used Cars Only, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Dealers Nec, Automotive Parts, Automotive Sound Equipment, Automotive Tires, Awnings, Bait And Tackle, Balloon Shops, Banners, Banners Flags Decals And Posters, Bar (Drinking Places), Barbecue Restaurant, Barbeque Grills, Bars And Lounges, Baseball Equipment, Bath Accessories, Batteries Automotive And Truck, Bedding (Sheets Blankets Spreads And Pillows), Beddings And Linens, Beds And Accessories, Beer (Packaged), Beverage Services Direct Sales, Beverage Vending Machines, Bicycle And Bicycle Parts, Boat Dealers, Book Stores, Book Stores Secondhand, Books Religious, Bottled Water Delivery, Boutiques, Bowling Equipment And Supplies, Bridal Fabrics, Bridal Shops, Buffet (Eating Places), Business Machines And Equipment, Butane Gas Bottled, Butcher, Cabaret, Cabinet Work Custom, Cabinets Except Custom Made: Kitchen, Cafe, Cafeteria, Cake Decorating Supplies, Camera And Photographic Supply Stores, Cameras, Camper And Travel Trailer Dealers, Campers (Pickup Coaches) For Mounting On Trucks, Camping Equipment, Candle Shops, Candy And Snack Food Vending Machines, Canvas Products, Carpets, Carry-Out Only (Except Pizza) Restaurant, Catalog And Mail-Order Houses, Catalog Sales, Caterers, Ceramics Supplies, Chicken Restaurant, Children's And Infants' Wear Stores, Children's Books, Children's Furniture Nec, Children's Shoes, Children's Toys And Games Except Dolls, Children's Wear, Chili Stand, Chinese Restaurant, Christmas Lights And Decorations, Cigar Store, Cigarette Store, Cleaning Equipment And Supplies, Clocks, Clothing Accessories: Men's And Boys', Clothing And Shoes Secondhand, Clothing Mail Order (Except Women's), Clothing Male: Everyday Except Suits And Sportswear, Clothing Sales House-To-House, Clothing Secondhand, Clothing Sportswear Men's And Boys', Cocktail Lounge, Coffee Shop, Coins, Coins And Stamps, Coins Mail Order, Collectible Plates, Collectibles And Antiques Mail Order, College Book Stores, Comic Books, Communication Equipment, Compact Discs, Computer And Software Stores, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Computer Software And Accessories, Computer Software Mail Order, Computers And Accessories Secondhand, Computers And Peripheral Equipment Mail Order, Concessionaire, Concrete Products Pre-Cast, Consumer Electronic Equipment Nec, Contact Lenses Prescription, Contract Food Services, Convalescent Equipment And Supplies, Cookware Except Aluminum, Cosmetic Sales House-To-House, Cosmetics, Costume Jewelry, Custom Made Furniture Except Cabinets, Custom Tailor, Customized Clothing And Apparel, Customized Furniture And Cabinets, Cutlery, Dancewear, Decals, Delicatessen (Eating Places), Designers Apparel, Diner, Dinner Theater, Direct Sales Telemarketing, Direct Selling Establishments, Dolls And Accessories, Drafting Equipment And Supplies, Draperies, Drapery And Upholstery Stores, Dress Shops, Dressmakers Custom, Drinking Places, Drive-In Restaurant, Drug Stores, Drug Stores And Proprietary Stores, Eating Places, Education Aids Devices And Supplies, Educational Aids And Electronic Training Materials, Electric Household Appliances, Electric Household Appliances Major, Electric Household Appliances Small, Electronic Parts And Equipment, Ethnic Food Restaurants, Exercise Equipment, Eyeglasses Prescription, Fabric Stores Piece Goods, Facsimile Equipment, Family Clothing Stores, Family Restaurants, Farm Equipment And Supplies, Farm Machinery Nec, Farm Tractors, Fast Food Restaurants And Stands, Fast-Food Restaurant Chain, Fast-Food Restaurant Independent, Feed And Farm Supply, Fiberglass Materials Except Insulation, Filling Stations Gasoline, Fire Extinguishers, Firearms, Fireplace Equipment And Accessories, Fireplaces And Wood Burning Stoves, Fireworks, Fishing Equipment, Fitness And Sporting Goods Mail Order, Flags, Floor Covering Stores, Floor Tile, Florists, Flowers Fresh, Foam And Foam Products, Food Services Direct Sales, Food Vending Machines, Footwear Athletic, Formal Wear, French Restaurant, Fuel Dealers Nec, Fuel Oil Dealers, Furniture And Furnishings Mail Order, Furniture Secondhand, Furniture Stores, Games (Chess Backgammon And Other Durable Games), Gasoline Service Stations, Gems And Precious Stones, General Merchandise Mail Order, German Restaurant, Gift Baskets, Gift Items Mail Order, Gift Novelty And Souvenir Shop, Gift Shop, Gifts And Novelties, Glassware, Golf Cart Powered, Golf Goods And Equipment, Golf Tennis And Ski Shops, Greek Restaurant, Greeting Cards, Grills (Eating Places), Hair Care Products, Hamburger Stand, Handbags, Hard Liquor, Hearing Aids, High Fidelity Stereo Equipment, Hobbies Nec, Hobby And Craft Supplies, Hobby Toy And Game Shops, Home Furnishings And Appliances Secondhand, Home Related Products Direct Sales, Hosiery, Hospital Equipment And Supplies, Hot Dog Stand, Hot Drinks And Soup Vending Machines, Household Appliance Stores, Household Appliances Used, Housewares Nec, Hunting Equipment, Ice, Ice Cream Soft Drink And Soda Fountain Stands, Ice Cream Stands Or Dairy Bars, Indian/Pakistan Restaurant, Infant Furnishings And Equipment, Infants' Wear, Italian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Jewelry Mail Order, Jewelry Precious Stones And Precious Metals, Jewelry Stores, Juvenile Furniture, Kitchenware, Knitting Goods And Supplies, Korean Restaurant, Lamps And Lamp Shades, Leather Garments, Leather Goods Except Luggage And Shoes, Lebanese Restaurant, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Lamps And Accessories, Linens, Lingerie (Outerwear), Lingerie And Corsets (Underwear), Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Delivered To Customers' Premises, Liquor Stores, Luggage And Leather Goods Stores, Luggage Except Footlockers And Trunks, Luncheonette, Lunchrooms And Cafeterias, Magazine Stand, Mail Order House Nec, Marine Service Station, Marine Supplies And Equipment, Marine Supplies Nec, Martial Arts Equipment And Supplies, Maternity Wear, Mattresses, Medical Apparatus And Supplies, Men's And Boys' Clothing Stores, Men's Shoes, Merchandising Machine Operators, Metal Detectors, Metalware, Mexican Restaurant, Milk Delivery, Miscellaneous Apparel And Accessories, Miscellaneous Homefurnishings, Miscellaneous Retail Stores Nec, Mobile Telephones And Equipment, Models Toy And Hobby, Modems Monitors Terminals And Disk Drives: Computers, Monuments And Tombstones, Monuments Finished To Custom Order, Motor Boat Dealers, Motor Homes, Motor Scooters, Motorcycle Dealers, Motorcycle Parts And Accessories, Motorcycles, Motors Electric, Musical Instrument Stores, Musical Instruments Secondhand, Needlework Goods And Supplies, Newspapers Home Delivery Not By Printers Or Publishers, Newsstand, Night Clubs, Novelties, Novelty Merchandise Mail Order, Office Forms And Supplies, Office Furniture, Office Furniture Secondhand, Optical Goods Stores, Opticians, Orthopedic And Prosthesis Applications, Outboard Motors, Outdoor And Garden Furniture, Packaging Materials: Boxes Padding Etc., Party Favors, Party-Plan Merchandising, Patterns: Sewing Knitting And Needlework, Pawnshop, Perfumes And Colognes, Personal Computers, Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Pets, Pets And Pet Supplies, Photocopy Machines, Pianos, Pickups And Vans Used, Picture Frames Ready Made, Pictures Wall, Pipe Store, Pizza Restaurants, Pizzeria Chain, Pizzeria Independent, Plants Potted, Playground Equipment, Plumbing And Heating Supplies, Police Supply Stores, Pool And Billiard Tables, Pool Supply, Pottery, Printers And Plotters: Computers, Propane Gas Bottled, Proprietary (Non-Prescription Medicine) Stores, Quilting Materials And Supplies, Radio Television And Electronic Stores, Radios Receiver Type, Radios Two-Way Citizens Band Weather Short-Wave Etc., Rare Books, Ready-To-Wear Apparel Women's, Record And Prerecorded Tape Stores, Records, Records Audio Discs And Tapes, Recreational Vehicle Dealers, Recreational Vehicle Parts And Accessories, Religious Goods, Religious Merchandise Mail Order, Restaurant Family: Chain, Restaurant Family: Independent, Restaurant Lunch Counter, Riding Apparel, Rock And Stone Specimens, Rubber Stamps, Rugs, Saddlery And Equestrian Equipment, Safety Supplies And Equipment, Sailboats And Equipment, Sales Barn, Saloon, Sandwich And Hot Food Vending Machines, Sandwiches And Submarines Shop, Sauna Equipment And Supplies, School Supplies, Seafood Restaurants, Seafood Shack, Sewing And Needlework, Sewing Machines, Sewing Needlework And Piece Goods, Sewing Supplies, Shirts Custom Made, Shoe Stores, Shoes Custom, Shoes Orthopedic, Skin Diving Scuba Equipment And Supplies, Slip Covers, Snack Bar, Snack Shop, Snacks Direct Sales, Soccer Supplies, Soda Fountain, Soft Drink Stand, Software Business And Non-Game, Software Computer Games, Souvenirs, Spanish Restaurant, Spas And Hot Tubs, Specialty Sport Supplies Nec, Speed Shops Including Race Car Supplies, Sporting Goods And Bicycle Shops, Sports Apparel, Stamps (Philatelist), Stationery Stores, Steak And Barbecue Restaurants, Steak Restaurant, Stones Crystalline: Rough, String Instruments, Suits Men's, Sunglasses, Sushi Bar, Swimming Pool Chemicals Equipment And Supplies, Swimming Pools Above Ground, Swimming Pools Hot Tubs And Sauna Equipment And Supplies, T-Shirts Custom Printed, Tavern (Drinking Places), Team Sports Equipment, Teenage Apparel, Telephone And Communication Equipment, Telephone Equipment And Systems, Television Sets, Tennis Goods And Equipment, Tents, Thai Restaurant, Tobacco Stores And Stands, Tobacconist, Toiletries Cosmetics And Perfumes, Tombstones, Tools And Hardware Mail Order, Toys And Games, Trading Cards: Baseball Or Other Sports Entertainment Etc., Trailer Hitches Automotive, Travel Trailers: Automobile New And Used, Trophies And Plaques, Tropical Fish, Truck Equipment And Parts, Truck Stops, Trucks Tractors And Trailers: Used, Typewriters And Business Machines, Unfinished Furniture, Uniforms, Uniforms And Work Clothing, Unisex Clothing Stores, Upholstery Materials, Used Merchandise Stores, Utility Trailers, Vacuum Cleaner Sales House-To-House, Vacuum Cleaners, Vaults And Safes, Venetian Blinds, Video Cameras And Accessories, Video Cameras Recorders And Accessories, Video Discs And Tapes Prerecorded, Video Recorders Players Disc Players And Accessories, Video Tapes Prerecorded, Vietnamese Restaurant, Watches, Water Purification Equipment, Water Sport Equipment, Waterbeds And Accessories, Welding Supplies, Western Apparel, Wicker Rattan Or Reed Home Furnishings, Wigs Toupees And Wiglets, Window Furnishings, Window Shades Nec, Wine, Women's Accessory And Specialty Stores, Women's Apparel Mail Order, Women's Clothing Stores, Women's Shoes, Women's Specialty Clothing Stores, Women's Sportswear, Wood (Fuel), Wood Burning Stoves, Work Clothing


Accomodation Locating Services, Acoustical Tile Cleaning Service, Adjustment And Collection Services, Adjustment Bureau Except Insurance, Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Advertising Consultant, Advertising Promotional And Trade Show Services, Aerial Photography Except Mapmaking, Agricultural Equipment Repair Services, Air Conditioning Repair, Air Duct Cleaning, Aircraft And Heavy Equipment Repair Services, Aircraft And Industrial Truck Rental Services, Aircraft Electrical Equipment Repair, Aircraft Flight Instrument Repair, Aircraft Rental, Alternators And Generators Rebuilding And Repair, Antenna Repair And Installation, Antique And Classic Automobile Restoration, Antique Furniture Repair And Restoration, Antique Repair And Restoration Except Furniture Autos, Apartment Locating Service, Apparel Designers Commercial, Appliance Rental, Application Computer Software, Appraisers Except Real Estate, Apron Supply, Aquarium Design And Maintenance, Arbitration And Conciliation Service, Architectural Services, Armature Rewinding Shops, Armored Car Services, Art Design Services, Artists' Agents And Brokers, Auction Appraisal And Exchange Services, Auctioneers Fee Basis, Audio-Visual Equipment And Supply Rental, Auto Brake Lining Installation, Auto Exhaust System Repair Shops, Auto Front End Repair, Auto Salvage, Automated Teller Machine (Atm) Repair, Automobile Parking, Automotive Air Conditioning Repair, Automotive Customizing Services Nonfactory Basis, Automotive Glass Replacement Shops, Automotive Maintenance Services, Automotive Repair Shops Nec, Automotive Services Nec, Automotive Sound System Service And Installation, Automotive Transmission Repair Shops, Aviation Propeller And Blade Repair, Bail Bonding, Balancing Service, Banquet Hall Facilities, Barber College, Barber Shops, Barter Exchange, Battery Service And Repair, Beauty Culture School, Beauty Schools, Beauty Shops, Bicycle Repair Shop, Billboard Advertising, Binoculars And Other Optical Goods Repair, Bird Proofing, Blueprinting Service, Boat Repair, Body Shop Automotive, Body Shop Trucks, Boiler And Heating Repair Services, Boiler Repair Shop, Bondsperson, Brake Repair Automotive, Brake Services, Brokers Business: Buying And Selling Business Enterprises, Brokers Contract Services, Brokers' Services, Building And Office Cleaning Services, Building Cleaning Service, Building Component Cleaning Service, Building Inspection Service, Building Maintenance Except Repairs, Building Maintenance Services Nec, Burglar Alarm Maintenance And Monitoring, Business Machine Repair Electric, Business Oriented Computer Software, Business Services Nec, Butcher Service Processing Only - Does Not Sell Meat, Buyers' Club, Camera Repair Shop, Car Title And Tag Service To Individuals, Carburetor Repair, Carpet And Furniture Cleaning On Location, Carpet And Rug Cleaning Plant, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Equipment Rental, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning On Customer Premises, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Plants, Carwash Automatic, Carwash Self-Service, Carwashes, Cash Register Repair, Chart And Graph Design, Check Validation Service, Chimney Cleaning, China And Glass Repair, Circular And Handbill Distribution, Cleaning And Dyeing Except Rugs, Cleaning Service Industrial Or Commercial, Cleaning Services, Clock Repair, Clothing Rental Services, Coffee Service, Coil Winding Service, Coin-Operated Laundries And Cleaning, Coin-Operated Video Game Rental, Collection Agency Except Real Estate, Collision Shops Automotive, Color Separation Photographic And Movie Film, Commercial Art And Graphic Design, Commercial Art And Illustration, Commercial Photography, Communication Equipment Repair, Compressor Repair, Computer And Data Processing Equipment Repair/Maintenance, Computer Facilities Management, Computer Graphics Service, Computer Integrated Systems Design, Computer Maintenance And Repair, Computer Photography Or Portrait, Computer Related Consulting Services, Computer Related Maintenance Services, Computer Related Services Nec, Computer Rental And Leasing, Computer Software Development, Computer Software Development And Applications, Computer Software Systems Analysis And Design Custom, Computer Software Writing Services, Computer System Selling Services, Computer Systems Analysis And Design, Computer-Aided Design (Cad) Systems Service, Computer-Aided System Services, Confinement Surveillance Systems Maintenance And Monitoring, Construction Equipment Repair, Consumer Credit Reporting Bureau, Convention And Show Services, Copyright Protection Service, Correct Time Service, Cosmetologist, Cosmetology And Personal Hygiene Salons, Cosmetology School, Courier Or Messenger Service, Court Reporting Service, Crane And Aerial Lift Service, Cranes And Aerial Lift Equipment Rental Or Leasing, Creative Services To Advertisers Except Writers, Credit Card Service, Credit Investigation Service, Credit Reporting Services, Crematory, Custom Computer Programming Services, Customizing Services, Customizing Services Nonfactory Basis, Data Base Information Retrieval, Data Entry Service, Data Processing And Preparation, Data Processing Consultant, Data Processing Service, Data Verification Service, Dating Service, Debt Counseling Or Adjustment Service Individuals, Decoration Service For Special Events, Demonstration Service, Dental Instrument Repair, Design Commercial And Industrial, Design Services, Detective Agency, Detective And Armored Car Services, Detective Services, Diesel Engine Repair: Automotive, Diet Center Without Medical Staff, Direct Mail Advertising Services, Disinfecting And Pest Control Services, Display Advertising Service, Distribution Of Advertising Material Or Sample Services, Divers Commercial, Do-It-Yourself Garages, Document And Office Record Destruction, Document Storage Service, Doll And Accessory Repair, Domestic Help Service, Door And Window Repair, Drafting Service Except Temporary Help, Drapery Curtain Drycleaning, Drycleaning Coin-Operated, Drycleaning Collecting And Distributing Agency, Drycleaning Plants Except Rugs, Educational Computer Software, Electric Motor Repair, Electrical Equipment Repair Services, Electrical Household Appliance Repair, Electrical Repair Shops, Electrical Services, Electrolysis And Epilatory Services, Electronic Equipment Rental Except Computers, Electronic Equipment Repair, Electronic Media Advertising Representatives, Elevators: Inspection Service And Repair, Embroidery Advertising, Employee Leasing Service, Employment Agencies, Engine Rebuilding: Automotive, Engine Repair, Engine Repair And Replacement Non-Automotive, Engine Repair Except Diesel: Automotive, Engraving Service, Equipment Rental And Leasing Nec, Escort Service, Executive Placement, Exhibit Construction By Industrial Contractors, Exterior Repair Services, Exterminating And Fumigating, Facial Salons, Facility Rental And Party Planning Services, Farm Machinery Repair, Field Audits Cable Television, Field Warehousing, Film Developing And Printing, Film Processing And Finishing Laboratory, Film Strip Slide And Still Film Production, Financial Services, Fire Alarm Maintenance And Monitoring, Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Fire Protection Service Other Than Forestry Or Public, Flea Market, Floor Waxing, Formal Writing Services, Frame And Front End Repair Services, Frame Repair Shops Automotive, Fund Raising Organizations, Funeral Director, Funeral Home, Funeral Service And Crematories, Fur Garment Cleaning Repairing And Storage, Furniture Refinishing, Furniture Rental, Furniture Repair And Maintenance, Furniture Upholstery Repair, Garment Alteration And Repair Shop, Garment Making Alteration And Repair, Garment Pressing And Cleaners' Agents, Gas Appliance Repair Service, Gas System Conversion, Genealogical Investigation Service, General Automotive Repair Shops, General Household Repair Services, General Truck Repair, Glass Tinting Automotive, Golf Club And Equipment Repair, Graphic Arts And Related Design, Grinding Precision: Commercial Or Industrial, Guard Services, Gun Parts Made To Individual Order, Gun Services, Gunsmith Shop, Hair Dressing School, Hair Stylist Men, Hair Weaving Or Replacement, Hairdressers, Handwriting Analysis, Handyman Service, Hearing Aid Repair, Heavy Construction Equipment Rental, Help Supply Services, High Performance Auto Repair And Service, Hobby And Collectors Services, Home Appliance Furniture And Entertainment Rental Services, Home Cleaning And Maintenance Equipment Rental Services, Home Entertainment Equipment Rental, Home Improvement And Renovation Contractor Agency, Home Photographer, Horse Drawn Vehicle Repair, Horseshoeing, Hospital Equipment Repair Services, House And Babysitting Services, Household Appliance Repair Services, Hydraulic Equipment Repair, Industrial And Commercial Equipment Inspection Service, Industrial Clothing Launderers, Industrial Equipment Services, Industrial Launderers, Industrial Machinery And Equipment Repair, Industrial Tool Grinding, Industrial Uniform Supply, Information Retrieval Services, Information Services Consumer, Inspection And Diagnostic Service Automotive, Inspection And Testing Services, Intercommunication Equipment Repair, Interior Decorating, Interior Design Services, Interior Designer, Interior Repair Services, Invalid Supplies Rental, Inventory Computing Service, Janitorial Service Contract Basis, Jewelry Repair Services, Knife Saw And Tool Sharpening And Repair, Labor Contractors (Employment Agency), Labor Resource Services, Laundry And Drycleaner Agents, Laundry And Garment Services Nec, Laundry Coin-Operated, Laundry Except Power And Coin-Operated, Lawn Mower Repair Shop, Leather Goods And Luggage Repair Services, Lecture Bureau, Legal And Tax Services, Lettering And Painting Services, Lettering And Sign Painting Services, Lettering Service, Lie Detection Service, Life Saving And Survival Equipment Non-Medical: Repair, Lighting Maintenance Service, Linen Supply, Live Plant Rental, Local Area Network (Lan) Systems Integrator, Lock And Key Services, Lock Parts Made To Individual Order, Locksmith Shop, Lubrication Service Automotive, Machine Shop Automotive, Machinery Cleaning, Magazine Advertising Representative, Maid Services Contract Or Fee Basis, Mailbox Rental And Related Service, Mailing And Messenger Services, Mailing List Brokers, Mailing List Compilers, Mailing Service, Manicurist Pedicurist, Manpower Pools, Mapmaking Or Drafting Including Aerial, Mapmaking Services, Marine Engine Repair, Marine Propeller Repair, Marketing, Massage Parlor, Massage Parlor And Steam Bath Services, Mattress Renovating And Repair Shop, Mechanical Instrument Repair, Media Buying Service, Medical Equipment Rental, Medical Equipment Repair Non-Electric, Medical Help Service, Merchandise Liquidators, Metal Cutting Services, Metal Reshaping And Replating Services, Metal Slitting And Shearing, Meter Readers Remote, Microfilm Recording And Developing Service, Miscellaneous Automotive Repair Services, Miscellaneous Personal Services, Mobile Home And Trailer Repair, Mobile Home Rental Except On Site, Mobile Home Repair, Model Registry, Modeling Service, Mold Removal, Mold Testing, Motorcycle Repair Service, Muffler Shop Sale Or Repair And Installation, Music And Broadcasting Services, Music Copying Service, Music Recording Producer, Musical Instrument Repair Services, Nautical Repair Services, News Reporting Services For Newspapers And Periodicals, Newspaper Advertising Representative, Notary Publics, Nurses' Registry, Office Cleaning Or Charring, Office Computer Automation Systems Integration, Office Equipment And Accessory Customizing, Office Facilities And Secretarial Service Rental, Office Furniture Repair And Maintenance, Office Help Supply Service, Office Machine Rental Except Computers, Oil Equipment Rental Services, Oil Field Equipment Rental Or Leasing, Oil Well Drilling Equipment Rental Or Leasing, On-Line Data Base Information Retrieval, Online Services Technology Consultants, Optical Instrument Repair, Outdoor Advertising Services, Package Design, Packaging And Labeling Services, Paint Shop Automotive, Paralegal Service, Parking Lots, Party Planning Service, Party Supplies Rental Services, Passenger Car Leasing, Passenger Car Rental, Patrol Of Electric Transmission Or Gas Lines, Pay Telephone Network, Personal Appearance Services, Personal Document And Information Services, Personal Financial Services, Personal Investigation Service, Personal Item Care And Storage Services, Personal Service Agents Brokers And Bureaus, Personal Shopping Service, Pest Control In Structures, Pest Control Services, Pet Sitting In-Home, Photocopy Machine Repair, Photocopying And Duplicating Services, Photofinish Laboratories, Photofinishing Laboratory, Photographer Still Or Video, Photographic Equipment Repair, Photographic Services, Photographic Studio Commercial, Photographic Studios Portrait, Photography Brokers, Piano Tuning And Repair, Pickup Station Laundry And Drycleaning, Picture Framing Custom, Pilot Car Escort Service, Pilot Service Aviation, Pipeline And Power Line Inspection Service, Placement Agencies, Plastics Products Repair, Pool Servicing, Portable Toilet Rental, Power Laundries Family And Commercial, Power Tool Repair, Powertrain Components Repair Services, Prepackaged Software, Printed Media Advertising Representatives, Printers' Services: Folding Collating Etc., Printing Broker, Private Investigator, Process Serving Service, Professional Instrument Repair Services, Propane Equipment Rental, Protective Devices Security, Protective Services Guard, Public Stenographers, Publisher's Computer Software, Pumps And Pumping Equipment Repair, Quilting For Individuals, Radiator Repair Shop Automotive, Radio Advertising Representative, Radio And Television Repair, Radio Broadcasting Music Checkers, Radio Repair And Installation, Radio Repair Shop Nec, Radio Television Publisher Representatives, Railroad Car Customizing, Rebuilding And Retreading Tires, Recording Studio Noncommercial Records, Recreational Sporting Equipment Repair Services, Recreational Vehicle Repair Services, Recreational Vehicle Repairs, Refrigeration Repair Service, Refrigeration Service And Repair, Registries, Relocation Service, Rent-A-Car Service, Rental Of Personal Items Except For Recreation And Medical, Rental Store General, Repair Services Nec, Repossession Service, Rest Room Cleaning Service, Restaurant Equipment Repair, Resume Writing Service, Retail Agent Laundry And Drycleaning, Reupholstery, Reupholstery And Furniture Repair, Road Service Automotive, Rug Repair Shop Not Combined With Cleaning, Saddlery Repair Shop, Safety Glove Supply, Safety Inspection Service, Salvaging Of Damaged Merchandise Service Only, Seamstress, Secretarial And Court Reporting, Secretarial And Typing Service, Security Guard Service, Security Systems Services, Septic Tank Cleaning Service, Sewer Cleaning And Rodding, Sewing Contractor, Sewing Machine Repair Shop, Shoe Designers, Shoe Dyeing Shop, Shoe Repair And Shoeshine Parlors, Shoe Repair Shop, Shoe Repair Shops, Sign Painting And Lettering Shop, Sign Rental, Silk Screen Design, Software Programming Applications, Sound And Lighting Equipment Rental, Speakers' Bureau, Speedometer Repair, Stitching Custom, Stores And Yards Equipment Rental, Styling Of Fashions Apparel Furniture Textiles Etc., Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Service And Maintenance, Switchboard Operation Private Branch Exchanges, Systems Engineering Computer Related, Systems Integration Services, Systems Software Development Services, Tailor Shop Except Custom Or Merchant Tailor, Tank And Boiler Cleaning Service, Tank Repair, Tank Repair And Cleaning Services, Tank Truck Cleaning Service, Tanning Salon, Tattoo Parlor, Tax Collection Agency, Tax Return Preparation Services, Tax Title Dealers, Taxidermists, Telecommunication Equipment Repair (Except Telephones), Telemarketing Services, Telephone Answering Service, Telephone Directory Distribution Contract Or Fee Basis, Telephone Services, Telephone Set Repair, Television And Radio Time Sales, Television Rental, Television Repair Shop, Temporary Help Service, Tenant Screening Service, Tent And Tarpaulin Rental, Termite Control, Textile And Apparel Services, Tire Recapping, Tire Repair Shop, Tire Retreading And Repair Shops, Tool Rental, Tool Repair Electric, Tool Repair Services, Top And Body Repair And Paint Shops, Tops (Canvas Or Plastic) Installation Or Repair: Automotive, Tourist Information Bureau, Towing Service Automotive, Towing Services, Tractor Repair, Trailer Rental, Trailer Repair, Transit Advertising Services, Translation Services, Truck Driver Services, Truck Engine Repair Except Industrial, Truck Leasing Without Drivers, Truck Painting And Lettering, Truck Rental And Leasing Without Drivers, Truck Rental Without Drivers, Truck Wash, Tune-Up Service Automotive, Turnkey Vendors Computer Systems, Tuxedo Rental, Typewriter Repair Including Electric, Uniform Supply, Unisex Hair Salons, Upholstery And Trim Shop Automotive, Upholstery Cleaning On Customer Premises, Upholstery Work, Utility Computer Software, Utility Trailer Rental, Vacuum Cleaner Repair, Valet Parking, Valve Repair Industrial, Vending Machine Rental, Vending Machine Repair, Video Cassette Recorder And Accessory Rental, Video Repair, Visa Procurement Service, Washing And Polishing Automotive, Waste Cleaning Services, Watch Clock And Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair, Water Softener Service, Wedding Chapel Privately Operated, Wedding Consultant, Weighing Food And Commodity, Welcoming Services, Welding Equipment Repair, Welding Repair, Wheel Alignment Automotive, Window Cleaning, Word Processing Service, Work Zone Traffic Equipment (Flags Cones Barrels Etc.), X-Ray Equipment Repair, Yacht Brokers

Social Services

Adoption Services, Adult Day Care Center, Advocacy Group, Aged Home, Aid To Families With Dependent Children (Afdc), Alcoholism Counseling Nontreatment, Association For The Handicapped, Boys' Towns, Child Day Care Services, Child Guidance Agency, Child Related Social Services, Children's Boarding Home, Children's Home, Childrens' Aid Society, Community Action Agency, Community Center, Community Development Groups, Community Service Employment Training Program, Council For Social Agency, Crisis Center, Crisis Intervention Center, Destitute Home, Disaster Service, Drug Abuse Counselor Nontreatment, Emergency Shelters, Emergency Social Services, Emotionally Disturbed Home, Family (Marriage) Counseling, Family Counseling Services, Family Service Agency, First Aid Service, Fund Raising Organization Non-Fee Basis, General Counseling Services, Geriatric Residential Care, Geriatric Social Service, Group Day Care Center, Group Foster Home, Halfway Group Home Persons With Social Or Personal Problems, Head Start Center Except In Conjunction With School, Health And Welfare Council, Health Systems Agency, Helping Hand Service (Big Brother Etc.), Individual And Family Services, Job Counseling, Job Training And Related Services, Job Training Services, Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Juvenile Correctional Home, Manpower Training, Meal Delivery Program, Mentally Handicapped Home, Montessori Child Development Center, Multi-Service Center, Neighborhood Development Group, Nursery School, Old Age Assistance, Outreach Program, Parole Office, Physically Handicapped Home, Preschool Center, Probation Office, Public Welfare Center, Referral Service For Personal And Social Problems, Refugee Service, Rehabilitation Center Residential: Health Care Incidental, Rehabilitation Services, Residential Care, Residential Care For Children, Residential Care For The Handicapped, Rest Home With Health Care Incidental, Retarded Home, Self-Help Group Home, Self-Help Organization Nec, Senior Citizens' Center Or Association, Settlement House, Sheltered Workshop, Skill Training Center, Social Change Association, Social Service Center, Social Service Information Exchange, Social Services For The Handicapped, Social Services Nec, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counseling, Travelers' Aid, Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, Vocational Training Agency, Youth Center, Youth Self-Help Agency


Apparel And Accessories Nec, Apparel And Outerwear Fabrics Cotton, Apparel Findings And Trimmings, Apparel For Handicapped, Art Goods For Embroidering Stamped: Purchased Materials, Athletic Clothing: Women's Misses' And Juniors', Automotive And Apparel Trimmings, Awnings Fabric: Made From Purchased Materials, Broadwoven Fabric Mills Cotton, Canopies Fabric: Made From Purchased Materials, Canvas And Related Products, Carpets And Rugs, Cloth Drop (Fabric): Made From Purchased Materials, Costumes, Curtains And Bedding Knit, Curtains And Draperies, Cushions And Pillows, Draperies And Drapery Fabrics Cotton, Draperies Plastic And Textile: From Purchased Materials, Dyeing And Finishing Of Tufted Rugs And Carpets, Emblems Embroidered, Embroidery And Art Needlework, Embroidery Products Except Schiffli Machine, Embroidery Thread, Fabricated Textile Products Nec, Fiberglass Fabrics, Finishers Of Tufted Carpets And Rugs, Finishing Plants Cotton, Finishing Plants Nec, Furniture Trimmings Fabric, Hats And Caps Nec, Horse And Pet Accessories Textile, Hunting Coats And Vests Men's, Knit Outerwear Mills, Leather And Sheep-Lined Clothing, Leotards: Women's Misses' And Juniors', Men's And Boy's Clothing Nec, Men's And Boy's Suits And Coats, Men's And Boys' Sportswear And Athletic Clothing, Men's Miscellaneous Accessories, Overcoats And Topcoats: Men's Youths' And Boys', Panties: Women's Misses' Children's And Infants', Pleating And Stitching, Quilted Fabrics Or Cloth, Quilting And Quilting Supplies, Quilting: For The Trade, Regalia, Resin Or Plastic Coated Fabrics, Ribbons And Bows Cut And Sewed, Riding Clothes: Men's Youths' And Boys', Rugs Braided And Hooked, Sails: Made From Purchased Materials, Schiffli Machine Embroideries, Screen Printing Of Cotton Broadwoven Fabrics, Screen Printing On Fabric Articles, Seat Covers Automobile, Sport Shirts Men's And Boys': From Purchased Materials, Sportswear Women's, Stamping Fabric Articles, Tailored Suits And Formal Jackets, Tents: Made From Purchased Materials, Towels Fabric And Nonwoven: Made From Purchased Materials, Trimmings Textile, Uniforms And Vestments, Upholstery Tapestry And Wall Covering Fabrics, Upholstery Tapestry And Wall Coverings: Cotton, Veils And Veiling: Bridal Funeral Etc., Women's And Misses' Outerwear Nec


Cigarettes, Cigars


Agents Shipping, Air Cargo Carrier Scheduled, Air Courier Services, Air Passenger Carrier Scheduled, Air Passenger Carriers Nonscheduled, Air Transportation Scheduled, Aircraft, Aircraft Assemblies Subassemblies And Parts Nec, Aircraft Body Assemblies And Parts, Aircraft Cleaning And Janitorial Service, Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts, Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Services, Aircraft Parts And Equipment Nec, Aircraft Servicing And Repairing, Aircraft Storage At Airports, Aircraft Training Equipment, Airframe Assemblies Except For Guided Missiles, Airline Ticket Offices, Airport, Airport Terminal Services, Airport Transportation, Airports Flying Fields And Services, Ambulance Service, Ambulance Services Air, Ambulances (Motor Vehicles) Assembly Of, Animal And Farm Product Transportation Services, Animal Transport, Automobile Assembly Including Specialty Automobiles, Automobile Bodies Passenger Car Not Including Engine Etc., Automobile Wrecker Truck Bodies, Automobiles Transport And Delivery, Bicycles And Related Parts, Boat And Ship Rental And Leasing Except Pleasure, Boat Trailers, Boat Yards Storage And Incidental Repair, Boatbuilding And Repairing, Boats Fiberglass: Building And Repairing, Brokers Shipping, Building Materials Transport, Bus Charter Service Except Local, Bus Line Operations, Bus Terminal And Service Facilities, Bus Terminal Operation, Bus Transportation, Buses All Types Assembly Of, Campers For Mounting On Trucks, Cargo Loading And Unloading Services, Cars Electric Assembly Of, Chartering Of Commercial Boats, Containerization Of Goods For Shipping, Contract Haulers, Courier Services Except By Air, Crating Goods For Shipping, Customhouse Brokers, Deep Sea Domestic Transportation Of Freight, Deep Sea Foreign Transportation Of Freight, Delivery Service Vehicular, Docks Piers And Terminals, Document And Office Records Storage, Domestic Freight Forwarding, Draying Local: Without Storage, Drilling And Production Platforms Floating (Oil And Gas), Drydocks Floating, Dump Truck Haulage, Elevator Storage, Exhaust Systems And Parts Motor Vehicle, Farm Product Warehousing And Storage, Farm To Market Haulage Local, Flying Charter Service, Freight Car Loading And Unloading, Freight Cars And Equipment, Freight Forwarding, Freight Transportation Arrangement, Fuel Systems And Parts Motor Vehicle, Furniture Moving And Storage Local, Furniture Storage Without Local Trucking, Garbage Collection And Transport No Disposal, Garbage Refuse Truck Bodies, General Warehousing, General Warehousing And Storage, Grain Elevator Storage Only, Guided Missiles And Space Vehicles, Hangars And Other Aircraft Storage Facilities, Hazardous Waste Transport, Heavy Hauling Nec, Heavy Machinery Transport, Heavy Machinery Transport Local, Helicopter Carrier Scheduled, Helicopter Carriers Nonscheduled, Horse Trailers Except Fifth-Wheel Type, Household Goods And Furniture Storage, Household Goods Moving And Storage Local, Household Goods Transport, Household Goods Warehousing, Inspection And Fixed Facilities, Intercity And Rural Bus Transportation, Interurban Railways, Less-Than-Truckload (Ltl), Light Haulage And Cartage Local, Limousine Rental With Driver, Liquid Haulage Local, Liquid Petroleum Transport Non-Local, Liquid Transfer Services, Local And Suburban Transit, Local Bus Charter Service, Local Passenger Transportation Nec, Local Rental Transportation, Local Trucking With Storage, Local Trucking Without Storage, Lumber (Log) Trucking Local, Mail Carriers Contract, Maintenance Facilities Buses, Marinas, Marine Basins, Marine Cargo Handling, Miniwarehouse Warehousing, Mobile Homes Transport, Motor Vehicle Brake Systems And Parts, Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts, Motor Vehicle Parts And Accessories, Motor Vehicles And Car Bodies, Motorcycles Bicycles And Parts, Motorized Boat Building And Repairing, Moving Services, Mufflers (Exhaust) Motor Vehicle, Package Delivery Private Air, Package Delivery Vehicular, Packing And Crating, Packing Goods For Shipping, Parcel Delivery Private Air, Parcel Delivery Vehicular, Passenger Rail Transportation, Personnel Carriers (Motor Vehicles) Assembly Of, Petroleum Haulage Local, Pipeline Terminal Facilities Independently Operated, Pontoons Except Aircraft And Inflatable, Radiators And Radiator Shells And Cores Motor Vehicle, Railroad Car Repair, Railroad Freight Agency, Railroad Maintenance And Repair Services, Railroad Terminals, Railroads Line-Haul Operating, Rebuilding Engines And Transmissions Factory Basis, Recreational Van Conversion (Self-Propelled) Factory Basis, Refrigerated Products Transport, Refrigerated Warehousing And Storage, Refueling Equipment For Use In Flight Airplane, Rental Of Railroad Cars, Research And Development On Aircraft By The Manufacturer, School Buses, Shipping Documents Preparation, Sightseeing Tour Companies, Sleeping Car And Other Passenger Car Services, Space Flight Operations Except Government, Space Vehicle Equipment Nec, Special Warehousing And Storage Nec, Steel Hauling Local, Stevedoring, Stockyards Not Primarily For Fattening Or Selling Livestock, Storage Frozen Or Refrigerated Goods, Subway Operation, Switching And Terminal Services, Tank Freight Cars And Car Equipment, Taxicabs, Toll Operations, Tour Operators, Tourist Agency Arranging Transport Lodging And Car Rental, Tours Conducted, Trailer Bodies, Trailer Hitches, Trailer Or Container On Flat Car (Tofc/Cofc), Trailers And Trailer Equipment, Trailers Or Vans For Transporting Horses, Transmission Housings Or Parts Motor Vehicle, Transmissions Motor Vehicle, Transportation Agents And Brokers, Transportation Equipment Nec, Transportation Services Nec, Travel Agencies, Truck And Bus Bodies, Truck Beds, Truck Bodies (Motor Vehicles), Truck Bodies And Parts, Truck Rental With Drivers, Truck Tops, Truck Trailers, Truck Transportation Brokers, Trucking Except Local, Trucking Terminal Facilities, Trucks Pickup Assembly Of, Turbines Aircraft Type, U.S. Postal Service, Warehousing Cold Storage Or Refrigerated, Warehousing Self Storage, Water Transportation Services Nec, Waterfront Terminal Operation, Wreckers (Tow Truck) Assembly Of, Yachts Building And Repairing


Air Conditioning Supply Services, Cogeneration Of Electric Power, Combination Utilities Nec, Distribution Electric Power, Electric And Other Services Combined, Electric Power Broker, Electric Services, Environmental Cleanup Services, Garbage: Collecting Destroying And Processing, Gas And Other Services Combined, Gas Production And/Or Distribution, Gas Transmission And Distribution, Gas: Mixed Natural And Manufactured, Generation Electric Power, Hazardous Waste Collection And Disposal, Irrigation Systems, Manufactured Gas Production And Distribution, Medical Waste Disposal, Mixed Natural And Manufactured Gas Except Petroleum, Natural Gas Distribution, Natural Gas Transmission, Nonhazardous Waste Disposal Sites, Oil Spill Cleanup, Pipelines Natural Gas, Recycling Waste Materials, Refuse Collection And Disposal Services, Refuse Systems, Road Airport And Parking Lot Maintenance Services, Rubbish Collection And Disposal, Sanitary Landfill Operation, Sanitary Services Nec, Sewerage Systems, Snowplowing, Steam Heating Systems (Suppliers Of Heat), Steam Supply Systems Including Geothermal, Storage Natural Gas, Street Refuse Systems, Transmission Electric Power, Water Distribution Or Supply Systems For Irrigation, Water Supply

Web Design


Bakery, Bands, Banquet Center, Bartening, Bridal Salon, Carriage, Consultant, Dance Instruction, Florist, Ice Sculpture, Jeweler, Photographer, Rentals., Wedding Arrangement Services, Wedding Chapels and Ceremonies, Wedding Consultants, Wedding Services and Supplies


Animal Hunting And Trapping Commercial, Fish Hatcheries, Fishing Preserves, Game Retreat, Hunting Preserve, Hunting Services, Hunting Trapping Game Propagation, Miscellaneous Marine Products, Wildlife Management